Up and Coming Musicians

The program for February 24, 2018, featured some young musicians who show a social and environmental consciousness. We began, though, with a short tribute to the late Tom Rapp, of the band Pearls before Swine.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Tom Rapp The Swimmer (for Kurt Cobain) A Journal of the Plague Year (Woronzow)
New Set
Diane Patterson Lady with the Lamp World Awake (s/p)
Trevor Hall Walk Quietly Chapter of the Forest (Vanguard)
Sandrayati Fay Ephemeral Bahasa Hati (s/p)
New Set
Johanna Warren Was It Heaven Gemini II (Spirit House)
Tori Amos Climb Native Invader (Decca)
Nessi Gomes Black Angel Live in Toronto (s/p)
Music Under Announcements
Six Organs of Admittance (Ben Chasny) They Fixed the Broken Mirror Today For Octavio Paz (Holy Mountain)
Pearls Before Swine Margery The Use of Ashes (Water)
Trevor Hall The Promised Land Chapter of the Forest (Vanguard)
Johanna Warren Circlenot Astraight Gemini I (Spirit House)
New Set
Johanna Warren Inreverse Gemini II (Spirit House)
Ali Dineen Go, Stay Light Comes In (s/p)
Alice Phoebe Lou Walking in the Garden Orbit (Motor)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Storia (Victoria Grebezs) Never Say Never (single)
Nick Barbachano Child of the Earth Familia (s/p)
Wildlight Holy Dust The Tide (Acoustic) (Jumpsuit)
Rising Appalachia Closer to the Edge Alive (s/p)
New Set
Mirabai Ceiba El Viento Flores (Spirit Voyage)
Peia We Will Rise Again Beauty Thunders (s/p)
Danit Treubig Heartbeat Aliento (s/p)
New Set
Morgan Bolender Boys with Guns (single)
Estas Tonne David’s Entry (faded under outro) Bohemian Skies (Estas Tonne)