Favorite Fresh Discoveries for 2017

The program for December 30, 2017, shared some of one host’s favorite fresh discoveries over the past year.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Peia Hold On Four Great Winds (Sounds True)
Alizbar & Ann’Sannat Sleepy Maggie Welcome into the Morning (Prikosnovenie)
Sava Scottisch Ardèche Labyrinth (Banshee)
New Set
Nessi Gomes These Walls Diamonds & Demons (s/p)
Tina Dico Sacre Coeur Count to Ten (Fire International)
Nick Barbachano Seaport Town Familia (s/p)
Music Under Announcements
Dreamers’ Circus and The Danish String Quartet Three Breton gavottes and a jig (online)
Rising Appalachia Scale Down (acoustic single) (CD Baby)
Light in Babylon Yeni Dunya Yeni Dunya (CD Baby)
Storia (Victoria Grebezs) A Somewhat Something Dreamlike on a Fading Road (Storia)
New Set
Mamalama The World of Color and Light The World of Color and Light (s/p)
Sílvia Pérez Cruz Cerca de Tu Casa Domus (Universal Music)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Shimshai & Susana Hijos de Pachamama (online)
Raio Rob Weber Estou Aprendendo a Me Curar (online)
Nessi Gomes Pachamama (online)
New Set
Danit Treubig Amanecer Aliento (s/p)
Nick Barbachano Madre Tierra Familia (s/p)
Tina Malia El Cosechero (online)
New Set
Ali Dineen Siren Tides (s/p)
Brian Cutean Dance We Know The Sound of Photosynthesis (s/p)
Nahko and Medicine for the People Budding Trees Dark as Night (Hundred Handed Inc.)
New Set
Rising Appalachia with Peia Handsome Molly (single)
Night Tree Wheel in the Forest (faded under outro) Night Tree (Night Tree)