On November 18, 2017, we offered some songs in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Tori Amos Reindeer King (online)
Kate MacLeod Maxfield Parrish Sky Deep in the Sound of Terra (Courier Music)
Donna Long McMahon’s (The Banshee) / The Pinch of Snuff Handprints (Long Lost Music)
Patrick Ball Carolan’s Dream Celtic Harp, Volume IV: O’Carolan’s Dream (Fortuna)
Steve Baughman O’Carolan’s Rambles to Cashel A Drop of the Pure (Tall Tree)
Joseph Sobol Planxties: Mrs. Judge / Arthur Shaen Citternity (Kiltartan Road)
Music Under Announcements
Steve Baughman The Keep of Kalisson A Drop of the Pure (Tall Tree)
Si Kahn with Ygdrassil Thanksgiving Thanksgiving (Strictly Country)
Claudia Schmidt My Soul Hark the Dark (s/p)
Si Kahn with Ygdrassil South Virginia Road Thanksgiving (Strictly Country)
Sheila Mac Donald Halfway Home Tangle of Trees (s/p)
Bruce Cockburn Forty Years in the Wilderness Bone on Bone (True North)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Peter Pen Dragon Moore State of Grace Rimes of Passion: Postcards from a Fool’s Journey (s/p)
Claudia Schmidt Out Here New Whirled Order (Red House)
Night Tree Thanksgiving Night Tree (Night Tree)
New Set
Tina Malia Holy Morn The Silent Awakening (Amida)
Dougie MacLean Demetrius New Tomorrow (Dunkeld)
Peia Luzzi O’er the Land, O’er the Sea Four Great Winds (Sounds True)
Tina Malia All Roads The Silent Awakening (Amida)
New Set
Tori Amos Darkest Hour The Light Princess (Mercury Classics)
Claudia Schmidt Gather You In; The Darkening Hark the Dark (s/p)
Beth Nielsen Chapman For the Beauty Prism (s/p)
Si Kahn with Ygdrassil Here Is My Home Thanksgiving (Strictly Country)
Trapezoid Navajo Night Chant (old radio broadcast)
New Set
Bob Franke Thanksgiving Eve One Evening in Chicago (Great Divide)
Steve Tilston The Wind That Shakes the Barley / The Ladies’ Pantalettes (faded under outro) Swans at Coole (Run River)