New and Recent Releases; Summer of Love

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 12, 2017
Hour 1: New and Recent Releases

First Set

Offa Rex, “Bonny May,” The Queen of Hearts, 6:30 Nonesuch

Mari Black, “Star of Muenster,” Flight, 3:51 (self-produced)

Baka Beyond, “Nangating,” After the Tempest, 4:12 (self-produced)

Second Set

Fleet Foxes, “Kept Woman,” Crack-Up, 3:55 Nonesuch

Sam Amidon, “Juma Mountain,” The Following Mountain, 3:38 Nonesuch

Offa Rex, “The Gardener,” The Queen of Hearts, 4:59 Nonesuch

Midway Music

Hanneke Cassel, “Passing Place / Silver Special,” Trip to Walden, 4:00 (self-produced)

Third Set

Olivia Chaney & the Kronos Quartet, “Montagne, Que Tu Es Haute,” Folk Songs, 2:29 Nonesuch

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, “Deliverance,” Deliverance, 4:46 Hearth PR

Suzzy Roche & Dick Connette, “Then Go Home,” Too Sad for the Public, 2:12 StorySound

June Tabor & Quercus, “Once I Loved You Dear,” Nightfall, 5:42 ECM

Diana Stork, Portia Diwa, & Shira Kammen, “Non Sofre,” Music from the Labyrinth, 5:35 (self-produced)

Fourth Set

The Kronos Quartet, “Last Kind Words,” Folk Songs, 3:16 Nonesuch

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 12, 2017
Hour 2: Summer of Love

First Set

The Beatles, “Penny Lane,” Magical Mystery Tour, 3:00 EMI/Capitol

Gerome Ragni & Company, “Manchester, England,” Hair, 1:20 RCA Records

The Beatles, “With a Little Help from My Friends,” Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 2:42 EMI/Capitol (or Hello Goodbye)

Lynn Kellogg & Company, “Good Morning Star Shine,” Hair, 2:35 RCA Records

Second Set

Grateful Dead, “The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion),” The Grateful Dead, 2:09 Warner Bros./Rhino

Traffic, “You Can All Join In,” Traffic, 3:34 Island

Donovan, “The Trip” (single), 4:30 Epic/Sony/BMG

Jefferson Airplane, “DCBA-25,” Surrealistic Pillow, 2:32 RCA/BMG

Third Set

Donovan, “The Fat Angel,” Sunshine Superman, 4:07 Epic/Sony/BMG

The Byrds, “Tribal Gathering,” The Notorious Byrd Brothers, 2:03 Columbia/Sony Legacy

Traffic, “Forty Thousand Headmen,” Traffic, 3:15 Island

Jefferson Airplane, “Today,” Surrealistic Pillow, 2:55 RCA/BMG

Richard Thompson, “Season of the Witch,” Crossing Jordan, 9:17 Sony

Fourth Set

Neil Young, “On the Way Home,” Live at Massey Hall 1971, 2:50 Reprise

Simon & Garfunkel, “Kathy’s Song,” Sounds of Silence, 3:17 Columbia

Lucy Wainwright Roche, “America,” Lucy, 3:35 (self-produced)