StringFire!; Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum; Patrice Haan & Margaret Davis

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 15, 2017
KALW On-Air Folk Festival

StringFire! Live

  1. (Reels) “Grand Teton” (Annie Rodier Turano), “Mickie Arnsworth” (Ronnie Cooper), “Tommy’s Tarbukas” (Alasdair Fraser)
  2. (Jigs) “La Maison du Glace” (Réjean Brunet), “Driving across Nebraska” (Erik Ievins), “The Lightning Bug” (Hanneke Cassel)
  3. (English dance tune, Scottish strathspey) “Miss Gordon of Gight” (Isaak Cooper), “Ice Storm” (Patti Cobb)
  4. (Contra reel) “Landslide” (Patti Cobb)
  5. (Contra reels) “Round the Horn” (Jay Ungar), “Burning of the Piper’s Hut” (trad.), “Evil Diane” (Sam Bartlett)
  6. (Waltz) “Paulina” (Patti Cobb)
  7. StringFire! “Kitty in the High Grass / Beachcomber Reel / Brumley Brae,” Spindriftin’, 5:13 (self-produced)

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum (30:49)

  1. Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands, “Working Girl Blues,” The Hazel and Alice Sessions, 4:33 CDBaby
  2. “Won’t You Come Sing for Me?”
  3. “Mama’s Gonna Stay”
  4. “Burley Coulter’s Song to Kate Helen Branch”
  5. Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands, “Pretty Bird,” The Hazel and Alice Sessions, 2:40 CDBaby

Healing Muses / Patrice Haan & Margaret Davis

  1. Patrice—“The Hymn to St. Brigid” (calming music to address agitation)
  2. Margaret—“A Rock and a Wee Pickle Tow” (uplifting music for patient in recovery)
  3. Patrice—“Si Mon Âme” (?) (music played for Susan)
  4. Margaret—“Berceuse by Fauré” (played for patient she impacted)
  5. Patrice—“The Tree Song”
  6. Margaret—“Joy of My Heart”
  7. Patrice Haan, “Golden Time of the Year,” Bluest Blue, 2:54 (self-produced)
  8. Broceliande, “Hal-An-Tow,” Broceliande, 2:50 Flowinglass Music