Local Treasures; Laurie Lewis Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 1, 2017
Hour 1: Local Treasures

First Set

Amelia Hogan, “Nead Na Lachan,” Transplants: From the Old World to the New, 2:38 (self-produced)

Distant Oaks, “Neannachadh Bliadhna,” Music of Carmina Gadelica, 3:26 North Wind Records

Kyle Thayer, “Lord Haddo’s Favorite,” Rainshadow, 2:00 (self-produced)

Sally Van Meter, “Damien Miley / The Idlers of Belltown,” All in Good Time, 5:04 Sugar Hill

Second Set

Laurie Lewis & Grant Street, “Raleigh and Spencer,” Singin’ My Troubles Away, 3:26 Flying Fish

Scott Nygaard & Crow Molly, “Haapavesi Nights,” Scott Nygaard & Crow Molly, 4:47 Fret Soup Music

Darol Anger, “Old Gray Coat,” Fiddlistics, 5:18

Third Set

The Brothers Strong, “Not Enough to Go Around,” Not Enough to Go Around, 4:07 (self-produced)

The Tuttles, “It’s a Long Road,” Introducing the Tuttles with A.J. Lee, 3:15 Back Studio Records

The Websters & Scott Nygaard, “I Ain’t Gonna Work No More / Reuben’s Train,” Ten Thousand Miles, 4:50 Lots Of Rabbits Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 1, 2017
Hour 2: More Local Treasures

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum Live

  1. “My Heart’s Own Love”
  2. “Val’s Cabin”
  3. “Who’s That Knocking?”
  4. “Just a Lie”
  5. Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands, “Walking in My Sleep,” The Hazel & Alice Sessions, 2:38 Spruce and Maple Music

First Set

The Shots, “Achilles,” The Best of the Fest 2012 (San Francisco Free Folk Festival), 2:16 (self-produced)

Anne & Pete Sibley, “Rolling On Down,” The Best of the Fest 2013 (San Francisco Free Folk Festival), 3:06 (self-produced)

Melody Walker, “Family Band,” Gold Rush Goddess, 2:49 (self-produced)

Second Set

Snap Judgment Feature / Morees Bickham & Sean Hayes 9:43

Sean Hayes, “Rosebush Inside,” Big Black Hole and Little Baby Star, 4:09 (self-produced)

T Sisters, “Woo Woo,” Kindred Lines, 4:14 (self-produced)

Third Set

Mokai, “I Just Can’t Keep from Cryin’,” Any Distraction’ll Do, 3:30 (self-produced)

Quiles & Cloud, “Feelin’ Good,” Beyond the Rain, 3:45 Compass Records

HowellDevine, “Railroad Stomp,” Modern Sounds of Ancient JuJu, 7:48 Arhoolie