Richard Osborn Live; New Releases

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 21, 2017
Hour 1: Richard Osborn Live

“The Open Road”

“Still I Will Be Merry”

“In a Monastery Garden”

Richard Osborn, “The King Walks By,” Endless, 2:35 Tompkins Square

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for January 21, 2017
Hour 2: New Releases

First Set

Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers, “Willful Ignorance,” We Are Welcomed, 3:39 Pragmavision 35

Kevin Burke & John Brennan, “The Tempest,” The Pound Ridge Sessions, 2:18 Loftus Music

Second Set

Wake the Dead, “Waiting for Snow / Darkness Darkness / Reel Mattawa,” Deal, 7:05 Post-Trad Music

John McSherry, “Dance of the Siog,” The Seven Suns, 4:49 Compass

Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers, “Hypatia of Alexandria,” We Are Welcomed, 3:29 Pragmavision 35

StringFire! “City of Belfast,” Excited States, 4:45 (self-produced)

Third Set

Jennifer Cutting (with Lisa Moscatiello & Clive Gregson), “She,” Waves, 2:42 SunSign Records

The Goodbye Girls, “Hostrusk,” Snowy Side of the Mountain, 4:18 (self-produced)

Mikael & Mia Marin, “Stavalsen,” Tiden, 3:44 (self-produced)

Fourth Set

Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers, “Now Is the Cool of the Day,” We Are Welcomed, 3:27 Pragmavision 35

Anna & Elizabeth, “Sun to Sun,” Sun to Sun, 2:17 Free Dirt Records

The Goodbye Girls, “Snowy Side of the Mountain,” Snowy Side of the Mountain, 3:12 (self-produced)

Gillian Welch, “Wichita,” Boots No. 1, 2:50 Acony Music

Ordinary Elephant, “Railroad Man,” Before I Go, 3:36 (self-produced)

Piedmont Melody Makers, “Piedmont Melody Makers Theme,” Wonderful World Outside, 1:40 Vigortone Records

Fifth Set

The Small Glories (Cara Luft & J.D. Edwards), “Holding On,” Wondrous Traveler, 4:02 (self-produced)

The Belle Hollows (Rachel Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, & Robert Phaneuf), “A Different Kind of Rain,” Miller’s Creek, 3:52 Elm Hill Records

Richie & Rosie (Richie Stearns & Rosie Newton with Willie Watson), “Hangman’s Reel,” Tractor Beam, 3:52 (self-produced)


Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough, “Everything,” Mockingbird Soul, 3:20 BDM Music

Mary Chapin Carpenter, “All the Road Running,” The Life & Songs of Emmylou Harris, 3:56 Rounder