Sandy’s Gumbo; Leonard Cohen

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 26, 2016
Hour 1: Sandy’s Gumbo: A World Mix with Sandy Miranda

1. Seckou Keita / The Invisible Man / 22 Strings/Cordes / MALI [6:33]

A griot, praise singer, composer, djembe master, virtuoso, Kora player, of royal lineage.

2. Ana Alcaide / Diosa Luolaien / Leyenda: World Music Inspired by Feminine Legends / SPAIN [3:49]

Song from a Chinese myth, about the goddess Luolaien, a metaphor for the end of Matriarchy.... Legend has it that Luolaien had the magical power of flight until her fiancé cast a spell to restrict her movements and confine her to domestic life. That’s what our new leaders would like to do.

3. Modou Touré & Ramon Goose / Dune Blues / The West African Blues Project / Senegal & Brit. [4:11]

New project hatched in a London Moroccan café.


4. Divanhana / Zapjevala sojka ptica / Zukva: Sevdah from Bosnia’s Finest [4:11]

Look at their website! Gorgeous!

5. Nii Okai Tagoe / Oh Nu Kpa / West to West / GHANA [5:15]

Born into a royal family of master drummers and dancers.

6. Kiran Ahluwalia / Jaane Na / Sanata: Stillness [4:24]

Indian singer /songwriter living in NYC who fuses African desert blues and Western musical styles.

7. Afrika Mamas / Uzulibonge / Afrika Mamas

Mbube-style a cappella sub-Saharan African vocal harmony at its best


8. Ceumar / Quem é Ninguém / Silencia / BRAZIL [3:33]

Ceumar Coelho is a singer-songwriter from Itanhandu, a small town in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, who relocated to The Netherlands. Here is an album that situates itself somewhere between Brazilian bossa nova, classical music, and Portuguese fado, and live will undoubtedly do well in the appropriate intimate setting.

9. Manuel Diogo / A Chamada Vai Haver / Music of Angola / ANGOLA [2:38]

Much like some of the rhythms on Paul Simon’s Graceland, this recording sparkles with up energy.

10. Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi / Shtayngart’s Skotshne / The Devil’s Brides: Klezmer & Yiddish Songs [6:56]

In the spirit of Dave Tarras, Yiddish music pioneer, calls them “the Paganinis and Coltranes of this genre.”

Violinist, composer, filmmaker, writer, photographer, and playwright Yale Strom was a pioneer among revivalists in conducting extensive field research in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans among the Jewish and Roma communities since the early 1981. Initially, his work focused primarily on the use and performance of klezmer music among these two groups. Gradually, his focus increased to examining all aspects of their culture, from post–World War II to the present. Over more than three decades and 75 such research expeditions, Strom has become one of the world’s leading scholar-ethnographer-artists of klezmer music, history, and culture.

11. Elemotho / New / Elemotho: My Africa / NAMIBIA [3:24]

A touch of rhythms from the Kalahari desert.

12. Perunika Trio / Last Night / A Bright Star Has Risen: Voices of Bulgaria / BULGARIA [1:09]

London-based trio leads us into Slavic spirituality through archetypal Bulgarian harmony singing, sometimes supporting the legendary Transglobal Underground group.


Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 26, 2016
Hour 2: Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas with New Friends
Hosted by Rita Houston. 59:30

He talks about song writing and how he thinks we love music because of its power to heal and reinvigorate.