Debra Cowan & John Roberts; Veterans Day

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 12, 2016
Hour 1: Debra Cowan & John Roberts Live

  1. “Bold Riley”
  2. “Sir Patrick Spens”
  3. “Combing the Main”
  4. “By the Hush” (“Paddy’s Lamentation”)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 12, 2016
Hour 2: Songs for Veterans Day

First Set

Ian Anderson, “Cha Till Mac Crimmon” / Heather Heywood, “MacCrimmon’s Lament” / Dougie Pincock, “MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart,” Far, Far from Ypres, 3:19 Greentrax

June Tabor, “The Writing of Tipperary / It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,” A Quiet Eye, 9:37 Topic / Green Linnet

Jim Malcolm, “Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders,” Far, Far from Ypres, 4:43 Greentrax

June Tabor, “Standing in Line,” Apples, 5:38 Topic

Nathan Rogers, “Hold the Line,” True Stories, 2:59 Halfway Cove Music

Second Set

June Tabor, “Rumours of War,” Angel Tiger, 2:50 Topic / Green Linnet

Richard Shindell, “You Stay Here,” Somewhere Near Paterson, 3:57 Signature Sounds

Leonard Cohen, “The Partisan,” Songs from a Room, 3:25 Columbia

Martyn Joseph, “The Good in Me Is Dead,” Folk Alliance Nashville Skyline Showcase Compilation VII, 4:42 (self-produced)

Vedran Smailović, “Memento Mori / Albinoni Adagio,” Sarajevo Belfast, 5:47 Appleseed

Third Set

Richard Shindell, “Born in the USA,” South of Delia, 3:06 (self-produced)

Shawn Colvin, “Twilight,” Cover Girl, 2:52 Columbia

Garrison Keillor, “May,” Love Sonnets, 1:11 HighBridge

Michelle Shocked, “The Ballad of Penny Evans,” Ben & Jerry’s Newport Folk Festival, 3:30 Red House Records

Richard Shindell, “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy,” Vuelta, 4:28 Koch Records

Fourth Set

Phil Ochs, “The Confession,” Farewells & Fantasies, 3:20 Rhino Records

Billy Bragg, “O Freedom,” Mr. Love and Justice, 4:04

Richard Thompson, “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me,” Sweet Warrior, 5:15 Shout! Factory


Leonard Cohen, “Story of Isaac,” Songs from a Room, 3:36 Columbia