Carrie Newcomer Live; Midwestern Heart

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 29, 2016
Hour 1: Carrie Newcomer Live

  1. Carrie Newcomer, “An Angel at My Shoulder,” An Angel at My Shoulder, 2:55 Rounder
  2. Carrie Newcomer, “The Beautiful Not Yet,” The Beautiful Not Yet, 2:26 Available Light Records
  3. “You Can Do This Hard Thing”
  4. “I Believe”
  5. “Geodes”
  6. “Holiday Checkout Line” (poem)
  7. Carrie Newcomer, “Bare to the Bone,” Betty’s Diner, 3:25 Rounder

First Set

Claudia Schmidt, “Coming Home to You,” Midwestern Heart, 2:24 Flying fish

Madison Violet, “No Fool for Trying,” No Fool for Trying, 3:13 True North

The John Hartford Stringband, “Homer the Roamer,” Memories of John, 4:17 Red Clay Records / Compass

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 29, 2016
Hour 2: Midwestern Heart

First Set

Mary McCaslin, “Northfield,” The Things We Said Today, 2:44 Rounder

Kate MacLeod, “Long Ride Home,” Constant Emotion, 3:51 Waterbug

Bell & Shore, “The Running Girl,” L-Ranko Motel, 3:04 Rom Records

Peter Ostroushko, “Long March Through Texas,” The Mando Chronicles, 3:48 Red House Records

Second Set

Sally Rogers & Howie Bursen, “Milwaukee St. Paul,” Satisfied Customers, 1:51 Flying Fish

Mary McCaslin & Jim Ringer, “Copperfields,” The Bramble and the Rose, 3:27 Rounder

Iris DeMent, “Our Town,” Infamous Angel, 4:57 Rounder Records

Third Set

Connie Dover, “Where Shall I Go?” The Wishing Well, 3:00 Taylor Park Records

James Taylor, “Sweet Baby James,” Sweet Baby James, 2:48 Warner Bros.

Greg Brown, “Why Don’t You Just Go Home?” Slant 6 Mind, 4:23 Red House Records

Garrison Keillor, “Supper,” Love Sonnets, 1:27 High Bridge Audio

Critton Hollow String Band, “April Waltz,” Great Dreams, 2:16 Flying Fish

Fourth Set

Greg Brown, “Canned Goods,” One More Good Night Kiss, 4:08 Red House Records

Claudia Schmidt, “Pie,” Roads, 3:43 (self-produced)

Garrison Keillor, “Story of Turkey,” Prairie Home Comedy, 4:24

Ry Cooder, “Seneca Square Dance,” The Long Riders, 2:00 Warner Bros.

Closing Set

Kate MacLeod, “PrairyErth,” Trying to Get It Right, 5:01 Waterbug