Mostly Sea Chanteys; Out on the Rolling Sea

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 15, 2016
Hour 1: Mostly Sea Chanteys

First Set

The Black Family, “Donkey Riding,” The Black Family, 2:38 Dara

Bill Jones, “William Taylor,” Panchpuran, 4:15 Compass

Fairport Convention, “General Taylor,” Bonny Bunch of Roses, 3:36 Island

Second Set

Stan Rogers, “Barrett’s Privateers,” Fogarty’s Cove, 4:14 Fogarty’s Cove Music

The X-Seamen’s Institute, Louis Killen, and Stan Hugill, “Santiano,” Classic Maritime Music, 1:43 Smithsonian Folkways

Ian Robb, “Ye Mariners All,” From Different Angels, 2:26 Fallen Angel Music

John Doyle, “North Sea Holes,” Evening Comes Early, 2:31 Shanachie

Gordon Lightfoot, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” Complete Greatest Hits, 6:25 Warner Brothers

Third Set

Tom Goux & Jacek Sulanowski, “The Girls Around Cape Horn,” Classic Maritime Music, 2:18 Smithsonian Folkways

Martin Simpson, “Rounding Cape Horn,” The Bramble Briar, 3:45 Topic

Rita Connolly, “Valparaiso,” Valparaiso, 3:57 Tara

Midway Music

Jennifer Cutting, “Out on the Ocean / Rolling Waves,” Ocean, 4:11 (self-produced)

Fourth Set

Cindy Kallet, “Working on Wings to Fly,” Working on Wings to Fly, 2:20 Folk-Legacy

Judy Collins, “Fisherman’s Song,” Forever, 3:55 Elektra

David Lindley, “Afindrafindrao,” Out on the Rolling Sea, 2:26 Green Linnet

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 15, 2016
Hour 2: Out on the Rolling Sea

First Set

Julie Fowlis, “The Seal / The Narrows of Od Odrum,” Every Story, 3:57 MacHair Records

Karan Casey, “The Silkie Song,” Seal Maiden, 9:07 Music for Little People

Jennifer Cutting, “Dissolving / King Neptune,” Ocean, 4:48 (self-produced)

Second Set

Stan Rogers, “Giant,” Fogarty’s Cove, 3:33 Fogarty’s Cove Music

Pierre Bensusan, “March: Return to Fingal,” Pierre Bensusan, 1:30 Rounder

Brian McNeill, “The Rock and the Tide,” The Back o’ the North Wind 3:16 Greentrax

Kris Drever, “Patrick Spence,” Black Water, 3:45 Compass

Third Set

Euphonia, “Here’s Adieu, My Lovely Nancy,” Lovely Nancy, 4:14 (self-produced)

Kate Rusby, “The Wild Goose,” Sleepless, 4:22 Compass

Cara Dillon, “I Am a Youth That’s Inclined to Ramble,” Cara Dillon, 6:06 Rough Trade

Fourth Set

Archie Fisher, “Final Trawl,” Windward Away, 3:30 Red House

Stan Rogers, “Three Fishers,” For the Family, 3:48 Fogarty’s Cove Music


Cindy Kallet, “Far Off of the Mountains,” Working on Wings to Fly, 2:11 Folk-Legacy

Bruce Cockburn, “All the Diamonds,” Salt, Sun, and Time, 2:41