Songs for Fall 2016

The program for October 1, 2016, offered some songs in a deep autumnal mood.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Martha Tilston Stag’s Bellow Machines of Love and Grace (Squiggly)
Pamela Wyn Shannon Vespertine Autumn Courting Autumn (Girlhenge)
Woodland Conjure Secrets Told (Woodland Music)
New Set
Linde Nijland The Sea ...Sings Sandy Denny (Real Harm)
Jessica Radcliffe May Questions Fill the Air Where I Have Been; If Jesus Had a Girlfriend Ruby Slippers (High Bohemia)
Martin Simpson & Jessica Ruby Simpson Come to Light Band of Angels (Red House)
Music Under Announcements
Martin Simpson Darling Corey Cool & Unusual (Red House)
Claudia Schmidt Persephone’s Song Essential Tension (Red House)
Josephine Foster I See Thee Better in the Dark Graphic as a Star (Fire)
Tori Amos Weatherman Unrepentant Geraldines (Mercury)
Jamie Byrd In a Mirror Garden of Days (Rooster Dog)
New Set
Pamela Wyn Shannon Michaelmastide Courting Autumn (Girlhenge)
Cosy Sheridan Eurydice Goodnight Sometimes I Feel Too Much (Cosyng Music)
The House Band October Song October Song (Green Linnet)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Carrie Newcomer The Season of Mercy The Beautiful Not Yet (Available Light)
Kate MacLeod and the Pancakes Autumn Breakfast (Waterbug)
Ariane Lydon Autumn Dance Still She Moves (Overt)
Patchouli Shadows Once in the Ring (Earthsign)
New Set
A.J. Roach and Nuala Kennedy The Poet (live recording)
Rob Dubow Oh Woman A Traveller Passing Through (s/p)
Jonathan Byrd Autumn Fast Folk Musical Magazine: A Tribute to Jack Hardy (Smithsonian Folkways)
Terre Roche The Tailor Fast Folk Musical Magazine: A Tribute to Jack Hardy (Smithsonian Folkways)
Jack Hardy You Only Leave Your Heart Once The Passing (Brambus)
New Set
Odessa Chen Small Birds The Ballad of Paper Ships (s/p)
In Gowan Ring Set a Candle in the Dark The Serpent and the Dove (7ème Ciel)
Tori Amos Pretty Good Year Under the Pink (Warner)
Martin Simpson A Psalm of Life (faded under outro) A Closer Walk with Thee (Gourd Music)