Labor Day 2016

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 3, 2016
Hour 1: Interview with Norman Kennedy
(encore broadcast from April 14, 2001)

Opening Song

Flora MacNeil, “Bheir mi sgriob do Thoba Mhaire,” Craobh Nan Ubhal, 1:42 Temple Records

Music & Conversation with Norman Kennedy

  1. Flora MacNeil excerpt, “Nuair a Rainigm i’m Baile,” Orain Floraidh, 4:03 Temple Records
  2. Spinning song (live)
  3. Annie Johnston, “Bird Imitations,” Celtic Mouth Music, 1:24 Ellipsis Arts
  4. Live (song learned from Annie Johnston)
  5. Live (waulking song)
  6. Live (puirt a beul)
  7. Norman Kennedy, “Puirt A Beul,” Ballads and Songs of Scotland, Folk Legacy Records

First Set

Talitha MacKenzie, “Rol hol ill leo,” Solas, 1:45 Shanachie

Capercaillie, “Alasdair Mhic Chola Ghasda,” Capercaillie, 4:50 Green Linnet

Second Set

The Rankin Family, “Fail il E,” Collection, 2:15 Rounder

Johnny Cunningham & Susan McKeown, “A Winter Charm of Lasting Life,” A Winter’s Talisman, 1:54 Sheila-na-Gig Music

Carla Sciaky, “Waulking Song” & “Song of the Sky Loam,” Spin the Weaver’s Song, 4:27 Green Linnet

Tone Hulbækmo, “Sheep Call,” The Sweet Sunny North, 2:00 Shanachie

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 3, 2016
Hour 2: The Factory Life

First Set

Karan Casey, “Four-Loom Weaver,” Distant Shore, 3:51 Shanachie

Si Kahn, “Aragon Mill,” A Retrospective, 3:49 Rounder

Diane Ziegler, “Millworker,” The Sting of the Honeybee, 4:02 Philo/Rounder

June Tabor, “The Jute Mill,” Hard Cash, 2:12 Green Linnet

Second Set

The Unthanks, “Nobody Knew She Was There,” Folk Against Fascism, 5:53 (self-produced)

Andy Cutting, “Edges / Thin Waltz,” Folk Against Fascism, 6:10 (self-produced)

Third Set

Rita Connolly, “Factory Girl / Same Old Man,” Rita Connolly, 4:21 Tara

Patrick Street, “Lintheads: The Pride of the Springfield Road / Lawrence Common / Goodbye Monday Blues,” All in Good Time, 7:47 Green Linnet

Maria Dunn, “Troublemaker,” We Were Good People, 2:12 Distant Whisper Music

The Pogues, “Dirty Old Town,” Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash, 3:46 MCA Records

Closing Song

Judy Collins, “Bread and Roses,” Forever, 3:04 Elektra