In Harmony’s Way; Happy Birthday Dave Swarbrick

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 23, 2016
Hour 1: In Harmony’s Way Live

  1. In Harmony’s Way, “Jongo,” In Harmony’s Way, 2:14 (self-produced)
  2. “Cadgwith Anthem”
  3. “Billy O’Shea”
  4. “Dry Bones”
  5. “The Great Storm Is Over”
  6. In Harmony’s Way, “Let Union Be,” In Harmony’s Way, (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 23, 2016
Part 2: Happy 75th Birthday, Dave Swarbrick

First Set

Fairport Convention, “Hexhamshire Lass,” Folk on 2: Dave Swarbrick 50th Birthday Concert, 2:20 BBC/Koch Canada/True North Records

Peter Bellamy & Dave Swarbrick, “Around Cape Horn,” Swarb! The Life and Music of Dave Swarbrick (C is for Collaboration), 2:29 Free Reed Music

Dave Swarbrick, “Shepherd’s Hey,” Swarbrick 2, 1:55 Free Reed Music

Second Set

Dave Swarbrick, “Wat Ye Wha I Met the Streen / The Ribbons of the Redheaded Girl / Ril Gan Ainm,” Smiddyburn, 4:48 Transatlantic Records

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, “High Germany,” Both Ears and the Tail, 2:44 Gadfly Records

Fairport Convention, “Sir Patrick Spens,” Full House, 3:27 Island Records

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, “Carthy’s March / The Lemon Tree,” Life and Limb, 4:42 Green Linnet

Third Set

Fairport Convention, “Now Be Thankful,” Full House, 2:20 Transatlantic Records

Dave Swarbrick, “Wishing / The Victor’s Return / The Gravel Walk,” Smiddyburn, 5:12 Transatlantic Records

Fairport Convention, “Crazy Man Michael,” Liege and Lief, 4:37 Island Records

Fourth Set

Fairport Convention, “Stranger to Himself,” Rising for the Moon, 2:48 Island Records

Fairport Convention, “Doctor of Physick,” Full House, 3:30 Island Records

Dave Swarbrick, “It Suits Me Well,” Smiddyburn, 5:10 Transatlantic Records

Fifth Set

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, “Lochmaben Harper,” Life and Limb, 6:40 Green Linnet

Whippersnapper, “Carolanning,” Promises, 4:52 Rounder/Varrick

Sixth Set

Fairport Convention, “Hen’s March / Four Poster Bed,” Folk on 2: Dave Swarbrick 50th Birthday Concert, 3:18 BBC/Koch Canada/True North Records

Whippersnapper, “Hard Times of Old England,” Promises, 3:34 Rounder/Varrick

Alistair Hulett & Dave Swarbrick, “The Red Clydesiders,” Red Clydeside, 4:30 (self-produced)

Dave Swarbrick, “Mrs. Mariott,” English Fiddler, 4:35 Naxos

Seventh Set

Peter Mulvey, “Sign o’ the Times,” Good Bye, Bob, 2:47 Eastern Front Records

Prince, “A Case of You,” A Tribute to Joni Mitchell, 3:30 Nonesuch