Earth Day for 2016

On April 16, 2016, we featured some songs to celebrate and reflect on our life here on earth.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Marca Cassity Raven Deeper (s/p)
Martha Tilston Good World Of Milkmaids & Architects (Squiggly)
Kathleen Tracy Dance with Your Whole Heart Calling the Dragons Home (Kiraboo)
New Set
Karine Polwart Sorrowless Field This Earthly Spell (Proper)
Martha Tilston More Machines of Love and Grace (Squiggly)
The General Assembly Wildwood From the Mourning of the World (Dark Mountain)
Music Under Announcements
David Lumsdaine Dawn Solo from Pied Butcherbird of Spirey Creek Terra Nova (MIT Press)
Haruhuani Spruce Duet (online)
Diane Patterson High Sierra Morning World Awake (s/p)
Dougie MacLean The Land Marching Mystery (Dunkeld)
New Set
Seán Tyrrell Game Over The Orchard (LongWalk Music)
Eliza Gilkyson Shadows and Footprints Pilgrims (MTI)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Anke Summerhill Raven The Roots Run Deep (Sky & Earth Music)
Trapezoid Nightsong Cool of the Day (Sugar Hill)
Lorraine Duisit Hawks and Herons Hawks and Herons (Flying Fish)
New Set
Mandalélé Diamond Willow Riddled in Rhyme (Creative Life)
Rising Appalachia Medicine Wider Circles (CD Baby)
Loren Good Seed Songs for Sea Shepherd (Kitnkaboodle Productions)
Ayla Nereo Through the Cracks Hollow Bone (Jumpsuit)
New Set
Joanne Rand Broken Open Hearts Snake Oil & Hummingbirds (Homefire Productions)
The Blissmongers Collective What Would She Say Songs for Sea Shepherd (Kitnkaboodle Productions)
New Set
Omnia Free Bird Fly Earth Warrior (Paganscum)
Ayla Nereo From the Ground Up Hollow Bone (Jumpsuit)
New Set
Moby Grape It’s a Beautiful Day Today (demo) The Place and the Time (Columbia/Legacy)
Chris Hughes Slow Motion Blackbird (faded) Terra Nova (MIT Press)