Time Is a Spiral

The program for September 19, 2015, featured some before-and-after looks at veteran musicians.

Dan Walsh, banjo player from England, appeared live.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Marianne Segal, featuring Circulus September Song The Gathering (Snow Beach, 2007)
The Story UK Her Name Is Love Joy Ride on Memory Lane (Rainbow Quartz, 2011)
The Owl Service & Alison O’Donnell Flodden Field The Fabric of Folk (s/p, 2015)
New Set
Mellow Candle The Poet and the Witch Swaddling Songs (Deram, 1972)
Forest Do Not Walk in the Rain Forest / Full Circle (BGO, 1970)
Jade Mayfly Fly on Strangewings (Lightning Tree, 1970)
New Set
Vashti Bunyan Hebridean Sun Just Another Diamond Day (DiChristina, 1970)
Emmanuelle Parrenin Ce Matin à Frémontel... Maison Rose (Lion Productions, 1977)
Saffron Summerfield Natural Life The Early Years (Mother Earth Music, 1974)
New Set
Saffron Summerfield On Raglan Road The Stonemason’s Dream (Mother Earth Music, 2002)
Emmanuelle Parrenin Même de Dos Maison Cube (Un Disque Bien, 2011)
Vashti Bunyan Jellyfish Heartleap (DiChristina, 2014)
New Set
In Gowan Ring Cupped Hands Spell Time Is a Spiral #01 (dwars@vpro, 2007)
Alison O’Donnell Sparking the Flame Hey Hey Hippy Witch (Floating World, 2009)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Dan Walsh Time to Stay (live)
  The Song Always Stays (live)
  The Whiplash Reel (live)
Dan Walsh Dancing in the Wind Incidents & Accidents (Rooksmere)
New Set
Linda Perhacs Dolphins Parallelograms (Sunbeam, 1970)
Alisha Sufit Outside-In Alisha Through the Looking Glass (Sufit, 1993)
Magic Carpet Harvest Song Magic Carpet (Magic Carpet, 1972)
Linda Perhacs Children The Soul of All Natural Things (Asthmatic Kitty, 2014)
New Set
Joanne Rand Woodstock Southern Girl (Homefire Productions, 2015)
In Gowan Ring Nature Boy, Chanson de Prevert Webs Among the Din, Vol. II (s/p, 2008)