KALW On-Air Folk Festival

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 6, 2015
Hour 1: KALW’s On-Air Folk Festival Begins

Pacific Boychoir Live

  1. Rachmaninoff, “All Night Vigil #6: Bogoroditsne Devo”
  2. “Kein Schöner Land”
  3. “Homeless”
  4. “Tshotsholoza”
  5. “Steal Away”
  6. “Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal”
  7. “Good Life”

Midway Transition Music

Pacific Boychoir/Continuum, “Sweet Dreams,” Sweet Dreams, 2:04 (self-produced)

Real Vocal String Quartet, “Machine,” Four Little Sisters, 5:15 Flower Note Records

Real Vocal String Quartet, “Darling,” Real Vocal String Quartet, 4:33 (self-produced)

Pacific Boychoir/Continuum, “Helplessly Hoping,” Sweet Dreams, 2:36 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 6, 2015
Hour 2: KALW’s On-Air Folk Festival Continues

Sylvie Simmons Live

  1. “Suzanne”
  2. “You Are in My Arms”
  3. Sylvie Simmons, “My Lips Still Taste of You,” Sylvie, 3:14 light in the attic records
  4. “Town Called Regret”
  5. “Moon over Chinatown”

Eli Conley Live

  1. Eli Conley, “When God Sets His Sights on You,” At the Seams, 3:51 (self-produced)
  2. “All That Ends”
  3. “I Need What We Have”
  4. “Strong and Tender”
  5. Eli Conley, “Draw the Line,” At the Seams, 3:50 (self-produced)