Johanna Warren Live

The program for May 23, 2015, featured a live appearance by visionary singer/songwriter Johanna Warren.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Johanna Warren Black Moss (live)
  Follow nūmūn (Team Love)
  True Colors (live)
Elliott Smith Going Nowhere New Moon (Kill Rock Stars)
Johanna Warren Figure 8 (live)
  Pin Oaks (live)
  Both Worlds Fates (Proliferate Music)
  We Fell (live)
  The Wheel nūmūn (Team Love)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Ayla Nereo Lily Moon Floating Felt (s/p)
Savina Yannatou Me To Fengári Perpató (With the Moon I’m Walking) Terra Nostra (ECM)
Jay Ansill with Anne Hills Full Moon A Lost World (BCN)
New Set
Lou Rhodes Sister Moon Bloom (Infinite Bloom)
Barely Lace Mother of Pearl Barely Lace (s/p)
Stone Breath Moongazer Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis (Hand/Eye)
Greg Brown Banjo Moon One Night (Red House)
Music Under Announcements
Daíthí Sproule Tune for Mairead and Anna Ni Mhaonaigh, The Humours of Lauderdale / The Roseville The Crow in the Sun (New Folk)
Birch Book Sleepless Search Vol. I (Lune Music)
Ygdrassil All by a River Easy Sunrise (Rounder Europe)
Mike Laureanno The Garden Pushing Back Wintertime (CD Baby)
Birch Book New Joy Vol. II: Fortune & Folly (Helmet Room)
New Set
Greg Brown Ring around the Moon 44 & 66 (Red House)
Birch Book Diaspora (faded under) Vol. II: Fortune & Folly (Helmet Room)