Psych Folk Then and Now

The program for January 24, 2015, featured a range of vintage and recent music in the psych folk genre.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
The Incredible String Band Sleepers, Awake! Changing Horses (Hannibal, 1969)
Roy Harper October the 12th Sophisticated Beggar (One Media; orig. Strike, 1966)
Donovan Do You Hear Me Now? People on the Highway: a Bert Jansch Encomium (Market Square, 2000)
New Set
Mellow Candle Heaven Heath Swaddling Songs (Deram, 1972)
Alison O’Donnell No Meek Chrism Hey Hey Hippy Witch (Freeworld, 2010)
Keith Christmas Tomorrow Never Ends Tomorrow Never Ends: The Anthology • 1974–1976 (Esoteric; orig. Stories from the Human Zoo, Manticore, 1976)
Music Under Announcements
Mike Oldfield with Paddy Moloney (excerpt from Part 2) Ommadawn (Virgin, 1975)
Pearls Before Swine Raindrops City of Gold (Water; orig. Reprise, 1971)
Tim Buckley Carnival Song Goodbye and Hello (Elektra, 1967)
The Incredible String Band Three Is a Green Crown The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter (Elektra, 1968)
New Set
Lamb Traveler’s Observation A Sign of Change (Wounded Bird; orig. Fillmore, 1970)
Kathy Smith Willie 2 (Japanese reissue; orig. Stormy Forest, 1971)
Martha Tilston Wild Swimming Lucy and the Wolves (Squiggly, 2010)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Keith Christmas Light of the Dawn Light of the Dawn (BECN, 2006)
Johanna Warren Both Worlds Fates (Proliferate Music, 2013)
Ariane Lydon Straight Lies, Crooked Secrets Still She Moves (Overt, 2004)
New Set
Jessica Radcliffe Sacred Whorehouse of the Moon Ruby Slippers (High Bohemia, 1996)
Martha Tilston The Cape Lucy and the Wolves (Squiggly, 2010)
Mia Doi Todd Like a Knife Zeroone (City Zen, 2001)
Roy Harper Solar Wind Sculptures The Green Man (Science Friction, 2000)
New Set
Ayla Nereo I Could Write BeHeld (s/p, 2012)
Kathy Smith Travel in a Circle 2 (Stormy Forest, 1971)
Lou Rhodes Circles One Good Thing (Motion Audio, 2010)
New Set
Holy Modal Rounders Flop-Eared Mule 1 & 2 (Big Beat; orig. Prestige, 1965)
Jimmie Dale Gilmore My Mind’s Got a Mind of Its Own Hi-Five (Rhino, 2006)
Mandalélé Ginseng Unfamiliar Knowing (s/p, 2015)
The Kaleidoscope Keep Your Mind Open Pulsating Dreams (Floating World; orig. Side Trips, Epic, 1967)
Steve Tibbetts (faded) Three Primates Yr (ECM; orig. Frammis, 1980)