Labor Day for 2014

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 30, 2014
Hour 1: Labor Day

First Set

The Rankin Family, “Fail il E,” Collection, 2:37 Rounder

Derrick Cameron, “Gaelic Milling Song,” When There’s Music, 2:04 (self-produced)

Natalie & Buddy MacMaster, “A Glencoe Dance Set,” My Roots Are Showing, (excerpt) Rounder

Second Set

Julie Fowlis, “M’fhearann Saidhbhir,” Uam (From Me), 5:31 Cadiz Music

Capercaillie, “Hi Rim Bo,” Secret People, 3:30 Green Linnet

Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, “Hoireann o Rathill Iu O,” Seinn, 4:26 turtlemusic

Midway Music

Natalie MacMaster, “Hey Johnny Cope,” My Roots Are Showing, 5:38 Rounder

Third Set

Tom Breiding, “The Longest Darkest Day,” The Unbroken Circle: Songs of the West Virginia Coalfields, 3:53 (self-produced)

Irene Kelly, “Pennsylvania Coal,” Pennsylvania Coal, 3:35 Patio Records

John Prine, Tim O’Brien, & Darrell Scott, “Paradise,” Memories and Moments, 4:52 Full Skies

Maria Dunn, “Can You Blame the Poor Miner?” We Were Good People, 3:36 Distant Whisper Music

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 30, 2014
Hour 2: More Labor Day

First Set

Slaid Cleaves, “Rust Belt Fields,” Still Fighting the War, 4:11 Music Road Records

June Carter Cash, “The L&M Don’t Stop Here Anymore,” The Oxford American Southern Sampler 1999, 3:29

John McCutcheon, “Ghost of the Good Old Days,” The Greatest Story Never Told, 3:05 Red House Records

Second Set

Pete Seeger & The Almanac Singers, “Talking Union,” Classic Labor Songs, 3:02 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Maria Dunn, “Troublemaker,” We Were Good People, 2:12 Distant Whisper Music

Solas & Dick Gaughan, “Labour Song,” Shamrock City, 5:46 THL Records

Elaine Purkey, “One Day More,” Classic Labor Songs, 3:38 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott, “Keep Your Dirty Lights On,” Memories and Moments, 3:26 Full Skies

Kathy Mattea, “Redwing Blackbird,” Coal Music Country, 2:53 Heartwood

Solas, “Am I Born to Die?” Shamrock City, 4:46 THL Records

Third Set

Drew Nelson, “Promised Land,” Tilt a Whirl, 3:36 Red House Records

The Grascals, “When I Get My Pay,” When I Get My Pay, 2:33 Mountain Home Music Company

Jody Stecher, “Weasels and Snakes,” Wonders & Signs, 3:50 (self-produced)

The Firesign Theatre, “Inside the Money Bubble,” Boom Dot Bust, 2:42 Rhino

Danny Glover, “My Name Is Not ‘These People’,” Give Us Your Poor, 3:22 Appleseed Recordings

Tom Payne, “Rocko’s Smile,” Ten Lucky Pennies, 4:34 Waterbug Records

Fourth Set

Debra Cowan, “The Great Fast Food Strike,” Among Friends, 5:21 Muzzy House Music