Bert Jansch Tribute, Danny Thompson Tribute

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 16, 2014
Hour 1: Bert Jansch Tribute

First Set

Bert Jansch, “Yarrow,” Moonshine, 5:05 Reprise Records

Bert Jansch, “Ladyfair,” The Ornament Tree, 2:10 Run River Records

Bert Jansch, “The January Man,” Moonshine, 3:29 Reprise Records

Second Set

Bert Jansch, “M’Lady Nancy,” Rosemary Lane, 2:30

Bert Jansch, “Alman,” Rosemary Lane, 1:20

Bert Jansch, “Moonshine,” Moonshine, 4:57 Reprise Records

Third Set

Bert Jansch, “The Rocky Road to Dublin,” The Ornament Tree, 2:55 Run River Records

Bert Jansch, “Tree Song,” Birthday Blues, 2:34

Bert Jansch, “Needle of Death,” Bert Jansch, 3:17 Transatlantic Records

Pentangle, “The Casbah,” The Pentangle, 2:17 Transatlantic Records

Midway Music

Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson, “Kitty ‘Tommy, Quick! Get Up. I Can Hear Clogs Goin’ Up the Street,’ ” Industry, 4:07 Parlophone

Fourth Set

Bert Jansch, “Running from Home,” Bert Jansch, 2:22 Transatlantic Records

Bert Jansch, “Silly Woman,” Rosemary Lane, 3:12

Bert Jansch, “Ever Yes, Ever No” (live at the Freight & Salvage), 4:10

Fifth Set

Bert Jansch, “Angie,” Bert Jansch, 3:10 Transatlantic Records

Bert Jansch & John Renbourn, “Soho,” Box of Love, 2:58

Bert Jansch, “No Rhyme nor Reason,” Heartbreak, 2:35 Hannibal/Rykodisc

Donovan, “House of Jansch,” Mellow Yellow, Epic Records

Bert Jansch & Beth Orton, “When the Sun Comes Up,” The Black Swan, 3:54 Drag City

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 16, 2014
Hour 2: Danny Thompson Tribute

First Set

Pentangle, “Light Flight,” Basket of Light, 3:13 Sanctuary/Transatlantic

John & Beverly Martyn, “Primrose Hill,” The Road to Ruin, 2:53 Island

Pentangle, “Haitian Fight Song,” Sweet Child, 3:30 Transatlantic

Second Set

Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson, “The May Day Psalter,” Circle Dance, 4:05 Green Linnet

Pentangle, “Three-Part Thing,” Sweet Child, 2:26 Transatlantic

Nick Drake, “Cello Song,” Five Leaves Left, 4:44 Island

Third Set

Teddy Thompson, “River Man,” Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake, 5:05 StorySound Records

Tim Buckley, “Phantasmagoria in Two,” Dream Letter: Live in London 1968, 4:41 Enigma Retro/Straight

Fourth Set

John Martyn, “I Don’t Want to Know,” Solid Air, 2:57 Island

Pentangle, “In Time,” Sweet Child, 5:09 Transatlantic

Fifth Set

Savourna Stevenson & Danny Thompson, “Beyond the Ballad,” Singing the Storm, 2:02 Cooking Vinyl

Teddy Thompson & Krystle Warren, “Pink Moon,” Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake, 4:51 StorySound Records