Ya Elah Live, Nina Gerber & Steve Baughman Live

The program for March 22, 2014, featured live performances, first by the women’s vocal group Ya Elah (this link is very dated) directed by Bon Singer. They were followed by guitarists Nina Gerber and Steve Baughman.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Ya Elah Om (live)
  Yishru Shalom (live)
  Yipitach Libi (live)
  Hare Krishna (live)
  Russian Lullaby (live)
  Mayan Ganim (live)
  Shiviti (live)
  Kol HaN’Shama (live)
Music Under Announcements
Steve Baughman Andantino / Planxty Bongwater III Farewell to Orkney (s/p)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Nina Gerber & Steve Baughman Killing the Tennessee Blues (live)
Nina Gerber It’s All Just Talk (live)
Nina Gerber Someone I Used to Love Not Before Noon (Goatscape Music)
Nina Gerber You Name It (live)
Steve Baughman Farewell to Orkney / Shady Grove (live)
Steve Baughman Fretless Guitar Piece Farewell to Orkney (s/p)
Nina Gerber & Steve Baughman Liza Jane (live)
Nina Gerber & Steve Baughman Ashokan Farewell (live)
Nina Gerber & Chris Webster Lay Me Down Easy Apple Blossom Lane (Tootsie Roll)