California Revels Live, Kitka Live

The program for November 30, 2013, featured live performances by the California Revels and Kitka, in support of their respective upcoming performances of "The Spirits of Haddon Hall" and "Wintersongs."

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
California Revels Drive the Cold Winter Away (live)
  Winter Nights (live)
  Helan Går (live)
  (Wassail Song) (live)
  Non Nobis Domine (live)
Music Under Announcements
Philip Pickett with Richard Thompson Fusi Pavana Piana / La Canella / Son Quel Duca de Milano, La Torza The Bones of All Men (Hannibal)
Oak, Ash & Thorn The Barley Mow Sowing Wild Oats / Out on a Limb (s/p)
Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band A Northern Catch / Little Barley Corne Hang Up Sorrow & Care (Park)
Moira Smiley & VOCO Our Time / Shout Blink (s/p)
Panacea Sandansko Horo Songs and Dance Music of Europe East and West (Flaming Buddha Music)
Slavyanka Jovano Jovanke From the Balkans & Caucasus with Love (s/p)
Kitka Tec, Peleite, Zěrnju Zogtu Wintersongs (Diaphonica)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Kitka Alilo (Georgian) (live)
  Elesa (Georgian) (live)
  Belveter Due Kitka (Diaphonica)
  Otče Naš (Bulgarian/Russian) (live)
  Hubava Milka (Bulgarian) (live)
Sirin Ensemble The Beatitudes Putnik (Opus 111)
Kitka Kviria (Georgian/Svan) (live)
  Zvezda Večernica (Bulgarian) (live)
Bozhyehi Ensemble Shcho v pana Hozayin, da na Yonoduori (demo)