True Life Trio, Crossroads Festival

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 2, 2013
Hour 1: True Life Trio Live

  1. Live music (True Life Trio): "Ne Hodi, Momne Le"
  2. Live music (True Life Trio): "Oyfn / Ivane"
  3. Live music (Michael Alpert & Julian Kytasty): "Oy Na Hori" (trad. arr. Alpert/Kytasty)
  4. Live music (True Life Trio): "Da Pa Canen"
  5. Live music (True Life Trio): "Butterfly"
  6. Live music (True Life Trio): "Calling My Children Home"
  7. Live music (Michael Alpert & Julian Kytasty): "Bay Mayn Mames Shtobele" (trad. arr. Alpert), "Kolomyki" (trad. arr. Alpert/Kytasty), "Kozachok," "Stukalka"
  8. True Life Trio, "La Llorona," Home, 6:19 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 2, 2013
Hour 2: Crossroads Irish-American Festival

  1. Vincey Keehan, "Oklahoma Hills," Nights in Shanaglish (vinyl), 3:53 (self-produced)
  2. Paddy Egan, Anthony McGrath, & Paul O'Driscoll, "Castlebar Traveller / The Caucus Reel," Nights in Shanaglish, 2:30 (self-produced)
  3. Joe Kearney, "Sugar Bowl," Nights in Shanaglish, 2:10 (self-produced)
  4. Live music: Vincey Keehan lilting
  5. Kevin Burke & The Celtic Fiddle Festival, "Farewell to Ireland / Foxhunter's Reel," Nua Tearainn, 6:49 Green Linnet

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 2, 2013
Hour 2 continued: New and Recent Releases in British Isles & Celtic

First Set

Mary Dillon, "When a Man's in Love," North, 3:45 Back Lance Records

Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, "Air a 'Ghille Tha Mo Run / It Is the Lad That I Love," Seinn, 4:57 (self-produced)

Second Set

The Outside Track, "False Knight on the Road," Flash Company, 4:19 Lorimer Records

Kris Drever, "Patrick Spence," Black Water, 3:45 Compass

Dougie MacLean, "Disgraceful," Resolution, 4:41 Dunkeld

Third Set

Richard Thompson, "Stony Ground," Electric, 4:42 New West

Fay Hield, "Tarry Trousers," Orfeo, 2:20 Topic

Bellowhead, "Dockside Rant," Broadside, 3:20 Navigator

Fourth Set

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, "The White Hind," Hidden People, 4:44 Navigator

Spiro, "The Darkling Plains," Lightbox, 3:49 Realworld


Nic Jones, "The Singer's Request," From the Devil to a Stranger, 2:33 Transatlantic Records