Music & Conversation with Mary Black Rebroadcast

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for November 17, 2012
Music and Conversation with Mary Black
A Rebroadcast of the Program for November 20, 2010

Mary Black, "Turning Away," Speaking with the Angel, 4:54 Dara Records

The Black Family, "Colcannon," The Black Family, 2:25 Dara Records

Patty Black & The Black Brothers, "Now I Have to Call Him Father," What a Time, 2:07 Dara Records

The Black Family, "Donkey Riding," The Black Family, 2:42 Dara Records

De Danann, "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba," Song for Ireland, 2:58 Shanachie

De Danann & Mary Black, "Hard Times," Song for Ireland, 3:19 Shanachie

De Danann & Mary Black, "Song for Ireland," Song for Ireland, 4:37 Shanachie

Mary Black & The Black Family, "Will Ye Gang, Love," The Black Family, 5:45 Dara Records

Mary Black, "School Days Over," By the Time It Gets Dark, 2:52 Gifthorse/Dara Records

Mary Black, "Farewell, Farewell," By the Time It Gets Dark, 2:36 Gifthorse/Dara Records

Mary Black, "Urge for Going," Babes in the Woods, 5:22 Gifthorse/Dara Records

Mary Black, "Carolina Rua," No Frontiers, 2:34 Gifthorse/Dara Records

Mary Black, "Columbus," No Frontiers, 5:18 Gifthorse/Dara Records

Mary Black, "Katie," By the Time It Gets Dark, 4:35 Gifthorse/Dara Records

Mary Black, "One Way Donkey Ride," The Holy Ground, 3:26 Gifthorse/Dara Records

Mary Black, "Who Knows Where the Time Goes," The Best of Mary Black, 4:28 Curb/Dara Records

Mary Black, "Bless The Road," Speaking with the Angel, 3:26 Dara Records

Eleanor McEvoy & Mary Black, "A Woman's Heart," A Woman's Heart, 3:46 Dara Records

The Corrs & The Chieftains, "I Know My Love," A Woman's Heart / A Decade On, 3:53 Dara Records

Joan Baez & Mary Black, "Ring Them Bells," Ring Them Bells, 3:10 Guardian Records

Steve Martin & Mary Black, "Calico Train," The Crow, 4:47 Rounder

Mary Black, "Lay Down Your Weary Tune," Full Tide, 3:29 3U Records


The Chieftains, "Ag Taisteal Na Blárnan" (faded), 9: Boil the Breakfast Early, Claddagh/Sony