Eric Bibb Live, Labor Day

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 1, 2012
Hour 1: Eric Bibb Live

  1. "Movin' Up," live
  2. "Bayou Belle," Deeper in the Well, 4:11 Stony Rain
  3. "With My Maker I Am One," live
  4. (and Habib Koité), "Touma Ni Kelen / Needed Time," Brothers in Bamako, 4:38 Contre-Jour
  5. "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad," live
  6. "Livin', Lovin', and Doin'," Home to Me, 3:49 EarthBeat!

First Set

Shirley Stewart Burns, "Leave Those Mountains Down," Coal Country Music, 2:41 Heartwood/Liaison Records

Ian Robb, "The Big Hewer," From Different Angels, 3:15 Fallen Angel Music

Seth Lakeman, "Hard Road," Tales from the Barrel House, 3:37 Honour Oak Records

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, "Sons of the Land," Something to Show, 3:45 Wild Goose Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 1, 2012
Hour 2: Labor Day

First Set

Mike Seeger, "Cotton Mill Colic," Classic Labor Songs, 2:38 Smithsonian Folkways Records

John Hartford, "I'm Still Here," Gum Tree Canoe, 3:24 Flying Fish

The Wronglers & Jimmie Dale Gilmore, "Big Rock Candy Mountain," Heirloom Music, 2:40 Neanderthal Records

Second Set

James Keelaghan, "House of Cards," House of Cards, 3:38 Borealis Records

Wil B, "Predators," In Debt We Trust, 2:21 subTEKsT Records

James McMurtry, "We Can't Make It Here Anymore"

Third Set

Mark Murray & Kevin McElroy, "My Old Man," Up the Winding River, 3:14 Whistler's Music

Andy Irvine, "Gladiators," Way Out Yonder, 6:26 Appleseed Records

Maria Dunn, "Do You Know Slim Evans?" We Were Good People, 4:00 Distant Whisper Music

Paul Robeson, "Joe Hill," Classic Labor Songs, 3:00 Smithsonian Folkways Records

Fourth Set

Phil Ochs, "That's What I Want to Hear," All the News That's Fit to Sing, 3:00 Elektra

Workers Independent News, "Firefighters Join the Fight," This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Wisconsin's Worker Uprising, 2:12

Tom Morello / The Nightwatchman, "Union Town," World Wide Rebel Songs, 3:08 New West


Ani di Franco, "The Internationale," Fellow Workers, 2:46 Righteous Babe