Odds, Ends, and Leftovers

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 18, 2012
Hour 1: Odds, Ends, and Leftovers

First Set

Susan McKeown, "The Hare's Lament," Lowlands, 3:08 Green Linnet

Altan, "Si Do Mhaimeo I," Harvest Storm, 2:42 Green Linnet

Andy M. Stewart, "Gaberlunzie Man," Man in the Moon, 3:54 Green Linnet

Old Blind Dogs, "Soup of the Day," The World's Room, 4:03 Green Linnet

Second Set

Richard Thompson, "May Day Psalter," Circle Dance, 4:05 Hokey Pokey Records

Old Blind Dogs, "The Bonnie Banks O'Fordie," New Tricks, 4:28 KRL Lochshore

Kerfuffle, "Down by the Greenwood Side," To the Ground, 5:05 RootBeat Records

Third Set

Richard Shindell, "You Stay Here," Thirteen Songs You May or May Not Have Heard Before, 3:53 Signature Sounds

Darryl Purpose, "Late for Dinner," A Crooked Line, 4:02 Tangible Music

Susheella Raman, "Mamavatu," Gifted Women of the World, 3:51 RealWorld

Midway Music

Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machlis, "Ruileadh / The Bird's Nest / Harris Dance" and "Calliope House," Skyedance, 3:16 Culburnie

Fourth Set

Mara! With Martenitsa Choir, "He Plays (Part Three)," Sezoni, 1:33 RealWorld

Jocelyn Pook, "Saints and Sinners," Untold Things, 4:08 RealWorld

Fortuna, "Haleluya," Mazal, 3:00 MCD World Music

David Crosby & Graham Nash, "Orleans," Don't Dig Here, 2:00 Blue Castle Records

Erin Corday, "Fragil," Secret of the World, 3:54 Waterbug

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for August 18, 2012
Hour 2: Odds, Ends, and Leftovers

First Set

David Francey, "The Waking Hour," The Waking Hour, 3:44 Red House Records

Uncle Earl, "The Last Goodbye," Waterloo, Tennessee, 3:38 Rounder

Evie Ladin Band, "Songbird Blues / Backstep Cindy," Evie Ladin Band, 1:55 (self-produced)

Second Set

Peter Keane, "You Haunt My Dreams," Walkin' Around, 2:40 Flying Fish

Christine Lavin & Livingston Taylor, "Downtown," Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind, 3:34 Philo/Rounder

Dar Williams, "You Won't See Me," This Bird Has Flown, 3:32 Razor & Tie

Wendy Waldman, "My Time in the Desert," My Time in the Desert, 5:04 (self-produced)

Third Set

Cliff Eberhardt, "Why Is This Road So Long," Borders, 2:09 Red House Records

Eric Andersen, "The Other Side of Life," Live, 4:21 Appleseed

William Elliott Whitmore, "Hell or High Water," Animals in the Dark, 2:30 Anti-

Erin Corday, "As the Sun Goes Down," Secret of the World, 4:56 Waterbug


Rachel Unthank & The Winterset, "Sea Song," The Bairns, 6:16 RealWorld