Chanson and Its Relations

The program for February 11, 2012, featured lyrics: French and English chansons and related realms.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Martin Simpson & Jessica Ruby Simpson Lady of the Lake / Betsy the Serving Maid Band of Angels (Red House)
Jay Ansill Allie Tribute to the Incredible String Band (s/p)
New Set
Shusha Song of Long-Time Lovers Song of Long-Time Lovers (Tangent)
Jacques Brel Sur la Place Songs of L'Amour (Jasmine)
Judy Mayhan Ne Me Quitte Pas When I Think of You (Shayomi Productions)
Gabriel Yacoub Tout Est Là De la Nature des Choses (Le Roseau)
Music Under Announcements
Pierre Bensusan Silent Passenger, So Long Michael Intuite (Dadgad)
Robb Johnson Au Depart The Big Wheel (Irregular)
Maggie Holland St Ives End Lane Circle of Light (Irregular)
June Tabor The Oggie Man Ashore (Topic)
New Set
Allan Taylor Piaf Out of Time (T)
Edith Piaf Paris The Very Best of... (Disconforme)
Michèle Choinière Padam...Padam La Violette (s/p)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer Disappearing Man Drum Hat Buddha (Signature Sounds)
Phil Ochs The Doll House Rehearsals for Retirement (A&M)
Jack Hardy The Knight's Dream Through (Prime CD)
New Set
Haris Alexiou Manoula Mou Se Apróvlepta Tragoúdia (Minos)
Monika Jalili Arezooha Élan (s/p)
Melanie O'Reilly One Dark Night Dust and Blood (Mistletoe Music)
New Set
Shusha The Devil (Le Diable) Song of Long-Time Lovers (Tangent)
Steve Tilston The Devil May Care Ziggurat (Hubris)
Leonard Cohen The Partisan Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 (Columbia)
New Set
Gabriel Yacoub The Simple Things We Said The Simple Things We Said (Prime CD)
Haris Alexiou Opoia Kai Na Sai Se Apróvlepta Tragoúdia (Minos)
Dave Carter with Tracy Grammer When I Go When I Go (s/p)
Pierre Bensusan So Long Michael Intuite (Dadgad)