San Francisco Maritime Chantey Singers Live, Fairfax Feis

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 1, 2011
Hour 1: San Francisco Maritime Chantey Singers Live

  1. "Away Rio"
  2. "Paddy Lay Back"
  3. "Blackbird Get Up"
  4. "Maid On The Shore
  5. "Hog-eyed Man"
  6. "Ten Stone"
  7. "Leave Her Johnny"

First Set

Peter Kasin and Richard Adrianowicz, "Hard Times in Old Virginia," Boldly from the Westward, 2:02 (self-produced)

Peter Bellamy & Dave Swarbrick, "Around Cape Horn," Swarb! 2:29 Free Reed Music

Martin Simpson, "Rounding the Horn," The Bramble Briar, 3:45 Topic

Second Set

The Black Family, "Alabama John Cherokee," Time for Touching Home, 2:12 Dara Records

Janet Russell & Christine Kydd, "The Fisherman's Wife," People and Songs of the Sea, 2:20 Greentrax

Judy Collins, "Fisherman Song," True Stories and Other Dreams, 4:53 Elektra

Bill Jones, "William Taylor," Panchpuran, 4:15 Compass

Third Set

Judy Collins, "Farewell to Tarwathie," Forever, 4:53 Elektra

Kate Rusby, "The Wild Goose," Sleepless, 4:22 Compass/Pure

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for October 1, 2011
Hour 2: The Fairfax Feis

First Set

The Gas Men, "The Jug of Punch," Clement Street, 3:41 (self-produced)

Lucia Comnes, "The Jug of Punch," Across the Wide Ocean, 2:54 (self-produced)

Dale Russ & Todd Denman, "Sailing into Walpole's Marsh / The Otter's Holt," Reeds and Rosin, 3:08 Aniar Music

Kyle Alden song live

Second Set

Michael & Shay Black, "Little Pack of Tailors," Michael Black, 2:59 Compass Records

Lucia Comnes, "Beare Island Set," Across the Wide Ocean, 2:51 (self-produced)

Kyle Alden song live


Kyle Alden, "Brown Penny," Songs of W.B. Yeats' Bee-Loud Glade, 3:03 (self-produced)

Tipsy House, "Martin Rochford's / McFadden's Favorite," Sets in the City, 2:07 (self-produced)