The Absynth Quintet Live, Labor Day

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 3, 2011
Hour 1: The Absynth Quintet Live

  1. "Burning Couch"
  2. "Back and Forth"
  3. "Leroy Jenkins"
  4. "Low-Flying Airplane"
  5. "Flight of the Green Fairy"
  6. The Absynth Quintet, "Bob Ross," Iota, 4:52 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 3, 2011
Hour 2: Labor Day

First Set

Hazel Dickens, "Black Lung," Harlan County USA, 3:19 Rounder

Maria Dunn, "Can You Blame the Poor Miner?" We Were Good People, 3:35 Distant Whisper Music

Kathy Mattea, "Blue Diamond Mines," Coal, 5:03 Captain Potato Records

A.J. Roach, "Black Lung," Music of Coal, 3:20 Lonesome Records

John McCutcheon, "Your Age," Passage, 3:18 Appalsongs

Second Set

Hazel Dickens, "Mannington Mine Disaster," Harlan County USA, 4:32 Rounder

Kathy Mattea, "Dark as a Dungeon," Coal, 4:38 Captain Potato Records

Third Set

Ronny Cox, "The Diamantina Drover," Songs with Repercussions, 3:52 Wind River Records

Amy Martin, "Change in the Weather," Deliverance, 3:50 (self-produced)

Si Kahn & Kathy Mattea, "On This Old Farm," Courage, 2:53 Strictly Country Records

Fourth Set

Gillian Welch, "Hard Times," The Harrow and the Harvest, 4:45 Acony Records

Ry Cooder, "No Banker Left Behind," Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down, 3:33 Nonesuch

Fifth Set

John McCutcheon, "Ghost of the Good Old Days," The Greatest Story Never Told, 3:05 Red House Records

Don Conoscenti, "Vigilante Man," Paradox of Grace, 5:47 (self-produced)

Karan Casey, Iris DeMent, & Solas, "Song of Choice," The Words That Remain, 3:35 Shanachie

Sixth Set

Hazel Dickens, "They'll Never Keep Us Down," Harlan County USA, 2:42 Rounder

Taj Mahal, "John Henry," The Essential Taj Mahal, 3:41 Columbia/Legacy