Kathy Larisch and Carol McComb, the Real Vocal String Quartet

Our contribution to the KALW Local Folk Showcase for April 23, 2011, featured the reunited duo of Kathy Larisch and Carol McComb, followed by the Real Vocal String Quartet.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Kathy & Carol Carter's Blues Cathy & Carol (Collector's Choice)
  Oh Take Me Back (live)
  My Texas Girl (live)
  Why Can't You Love Me (live)
  The Wind Blows Through the Pines (live)
  My Dixie Darling (live)
  A Maid in Bedlam (live)
  I Want to Be a Cowboy Sweetheart Keepsake (CDBY)
Music between live sets:
Carol McComb Tears into Laughter Tears into Laughter (Kaleidoscope)
Cascada de Flores Las Amarillas 13 Historias (s/p)
Real Vocal String Quartet Kitchen Girls Real Vocal String Quartet (s/p)
Turtle Island String Quartet Jaco (faded) Metropolis (Windham Hill)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Real Vocal String Quartet Allons à Lafayette (live)
  Machine (live)
  The Falling Polska (live)
  Hommage to Oumou (live)
  Now (live)
  Darling, Kothbiro Real Vocal String Quartet (s/p)