Music & Conversation with Archie Fisher

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for April 16, 2011
Music & Conversation with Archie Fisher

  1. Archie Fisher, "The Final Trawl," Windward Away, 3:29 Red House Records
  2. The Packway Handle Band, "Earl the Duck" 5:20 (live at 2008 Celtic Connections in Scotland)
  3. Archie Fisher, "Speak Your Name," Windward Away, 3:33 Red House Records
  4. Cilla Fisher, "Isle of May," People and Songs of the Sea, 2:42 Greentrax Records
  5. Archie Fisher, "Joy of My Heart," Windward Away, 3:00 Red House Records
  6. Archie Fisher & Barbara Dickson, "The Last Time I Saw Esau Shaw," Orfeo, 3:12 Decca
  7. Archie Fisher, "The Cuillins of Home," Sunsets I've Galloped Into, 2:28 Greentrax
  8. Archie Fisher, "Ashfields and Brine," Sunsets I've Galloped Into, 2:42 Greentrax
  9. Archie Fisher, "Windward Away," Windward Away, 3:33 Red House Records
  10. Archie Fisher, "Ontario Dust," Windward Away, 4:43 Red House Records
  11. Archie Fisher, "Borderlands," Windward Away, 3:10 Red House Records
  12. Archie Fisher, "Open the Door Softly," Archie Fisher, 1:57 Celtic Music
  13. Stan Rogers, "Witch of the Westmoreland," Between the Breaks, 5:20 Fogarty's Cove Music
  14. Archie Fisher, "Silver Coin," Sunsets I've Galloped Into, 2:37 Greentrax
  15. Stan Rogers, "Lies," Northwest Passage, 5:35 Fogarty Cove's Music
  16. Archie Fisher, "Western Island," The Man with a Rhyme, 1:54 Folk Legacy
  17. Archie Fisher, "Lindsay," Will Ye Gang Love, 2:25 Celtic Music
  18. Archie Fisher, "Surge of the Sea," Windward Away, 2:36 Red House Records
  19. Archie Fisher, "Black Horse," Sunsets I've Galloped Into, :55 Greentrax
  20. Archie Fisher, "Ride Through the Rainbow," Windward Away, 3:38 Red House Records
  21. Archie Fisher, "Every Man's Heart," Windward Away, 3:39 Red House Records
  22. Archie Fisher, "Star of the Belle Isle," Windward Away, 3:29 Red House records
  23. Archie Fisher, "Beware of the Hunting Young Man" 2:00 (song performed live from forthcoming CD)