Folk-Classical Crossover Music

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 26, 2011
Hour 1: Folk-Classical Crossover

First Set

Kevin Burke & Cal Scott, "Four Reels" from the Irish Session Suite, Suite, 6:39 Loftus Music

Jordi Savall, "Lord Frog Dance and the Buckingham House," The Celtic Viol II, 3:08 AliaVox

Sharon Isbin, "Drewrie's Accordes," Journey to the New World, 1:34 Sony

Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, & Mark O'Connor, "Green Groves of Erin / The Flowers of Red Hill," Appalachia Waltz, 3:04 Sony Classical

Second Set

John Renbourn, "Trotto / Saltarello," The Lady & The Unicorn, 2:33 Transatlantic Records

Shira Kammen, "The Oar Wheel," The Alamanac, 3:28 Bright Angel Records

Therese Schroeder-Sheker, "Je Muir," The Queen's Minstrel, 1:16 Windham Hill

Annette Bauer, "Danca," The Lost Mode, 3:19 (self-produced)

Third Set

Shinobu Sato & ensemble, "Riu Riu Chiu," On This Day Earth Shall Ring, 1:38 Flying Fish

Shira Kammen, "Quant Je Vois Yver Retourner / Danse," The Almanac, 2:30 Bright Angel Records

Distant Oaks, "Maighdeanman an t-Samhraidh," Music from Carmina Gadelica, 3:31 Northern Wind Recordings

Fourth Set

Therese Schroeder-Sheker, "Gaude Virgo," The Queen's Minstrel, 1:10 Windham Hill

Annette Bauer, "Per Allegrecca," The Lost Mode, 1:51 (self-produced)

Yo Yo Ma, & The Silk Road Ensemble, "Filippo Azzailolo," Silk Road Journeys, 4:42

Jordi Savall, "Follas Criollas: Gallarda & Jurabe Loco," El Nuevo Mundo, 3:53 AliaVox

Midway Music

Tina Chancey, "O'Carolan's Draft," The Versatile Viol, 4:46 (self-produced)

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 26, 2011
Hour 2: More Folk-Classical Crossover

First Set

Dave Swarbrick, "Bonaparte's Retreat," Swarb!! :55 Free Reed

Mad Pudding, "Hoedown," Grand Hotel, 4:42 Sliced Bread Records

Mark O'Connor, "Open Plains Hoedown," Americana Symphony, 4:11 OMAC Records

Second Set

Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, & Mark O'Connor, "F.C.'s Jig," Appalachia Waltz, 3:15 Sony

Mark O'Connor, "The Cricket Dance," Midnight on the Water, 1:40 Sony Classical

Joshua Bell & Edgar Meyer, "Death By Triple Fiddle," Short Trip Home, 4:22 Sony Classical

Third Set

Sharon Isbin & Mark O'Connor, "Strings & Threads Suite," Journey to the New World, 15:20 Sony Classical

Fourth Set

Mark O'Connor & The London Philharmonic Orchestra, "Fanfare for the Volunteer," Fanfare for the Volunteer, 20:00 Sony Classical