Birth of Inpressionism Exhibit

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for July 3, 2010
Guest Jim Ganz, curator (and author of show catalog)
Impressionist Paris: City of Light at the Legion of Honor

An exhibition presented in conjunction with
Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musee d'Orsay at the de Young

In the first hour, we will be in conversation with Jim Ganz and talk about many things related to the City of Light exhibition, including:

1) The behind-the-scenes story of the exhibition

(2) The theme of light; this is a big topic, relating specifically to the modernization of Paris in the late 19th century. How is this theme treated in the exhibition?

(3) Paris as a site of spectacle during the late 19th century

(4) The elephant and the Eiffel Tower—Pierre Dubreuil's magical photograph

(5) The importance of the graphic arts during the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Era—including the "color revolution" and the poster

(6) The Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts and its collection

(7) Connection to rock posters of Fillmore era in San Francisco?

Music content introduction:

French chanson is alive and well in Paris, thanks to a new generation of singer/songwriters who have revitalized this classic genre and added modern twists to give it contemporary relevance. Known as the nouvelle scene, this vibrant movement includes a growing number of hip, stylish artists who draw inspiration from French music of the '30s through '60s, as well as Brazilian bossa nova, Latin rhythms, jazz, reggae, pop, and rock.

Chanson, French for "song," is a catchall term for a uniquely Gallic approach to singing. As much poetry and theater as it is music, chanson was pioneered by Edith Piaf, a hauntingly expressive diva whose renditions of classics like "La Vie en Rose" influenced generations to come. But Piaf was just the first in a tradition that included the folk wisdom of Georges Brassens, the suave lyricism of Jacques Brel, and the strange world of Serge Gainsbourg. In the next two hours, we'll hear examples of the classic Cafe music of Paris and new tunes from the nouvelle scene with some more modern takes on classic French chanson.

In the background during our conversation will be selections from:

Romane / Samois-Sur-Seine (start with #1)/ Harmonia Mundi/Iris Musique France 1998

(In the tradition and sometimes style of Django Reinhardt.)

Baguette Quartette / Chez Moi (start with #7) / self released 2001

(Bay area based band led by Odile Lavault on accordion playing Parisian cafe music from the first half of the 20th century.)

Music sets to accompany interview:

Serge Gainsbourg / #2 Marilou Sous La Niege / French Cafe / Putumayo 2003

(Born in 1928 in Paris Lucien Ginzburg, son of Jewish immigrants who broke through boundaries and took music in directions no one dared to go previously—ranging from deeply intellectual and biographical to overtly sexual and bizarre.)

Paris Combo / #1 Fibre de Verre / French Cafe / Putumayo

(Founded in 1995, the group's irreverent lyrics are backed by great musicianship inspired by pre-war French chanson, gypsy jazz, Latin rhythms, and Middle Eastern exoticism.)

Coralie Clement / #7 La Mer Opale / French Cafe / Putumayo

(Newcomer carries on tradition of French chanson.)

Mathieu Boogaerts / #8 Ondule / French Cafe / Putumayo

(Another relative newcomer with influences from classic French chanson reggae, and electronic music.)

Carla Bruni / #4 Quelqu'un M'a Dit / Paris / Putumayo 2006

(Supermodel Carla Bruni is also a talented singer/songwriter who moved effortlessly from the catwalk to the pop charts.)

Karpatt / #3 Dites Moi Tu / Paris / Putumayo

(Originally from an area near the Spanish border, Karpatt has charmed a growing legion of fans in Paris with songs full of joie de vivre!)

Myrtille / #11 Les Pages / Paris / Putumayo

(Born in 1980 in a village 40 miles south of Paris, Myrtille has immersed herself in nature, world music, and travel since she was a young girl. Her songs have an amazing range of influences.)

Emily Loizeau / #1 L'Autre Bout Du Monde / Rough Guide to the music of Paris / 2007

(Emily recorded her first album in 2006. Here she asks, Where is the other side of the World?)

Olivier Libaux feat Barbara Carlotti / #2 Le Petit Success / RG to Paris

(This song is very typical of a contemporary Parisian pop song, clever, lighthearted, and bubbly like a glass of champagne.)

David Lafore / #3 Plat A Gratin / RG to Paris

(This song speaks of an irascible wife who throws cheese at her husband, who tries to remain cool.)

Aldo Romano / #12 A St Germain Des Pres/ RG to Paris

(Born in Italy, Aldo moved to France as a child. He joined Don Cherry and Gato Barbieri to play free jazz in 1965, also playing with Dexter Gordon, Keith Jarrett, and others. He received the prestigious JassPar award considered to be the Nobel prize of Jazz in 2004.)

Les Primitifs Du Future / #13 La Valse Chinoise / RG to Paris

(This Parisian superband, led by Dominique Cravic (+Robert Crumb, et al.), mixes the heritage of many musical styles, bal-musette, Gypsy Swing, jazz, blues...)

Django Reinhardt / #17 Belleville / RG to Paris

(The most influential jazz guitarist of all time started playing music at a professional level in the Parisian bal-musette of the 1920s. He then discovered jazz music and created all by himself a new music: Gypsy Swing. He founded the Qunitet du Hot-Club de France with violinist Stephane Grappelli. Here he joins the ATC band, based in Paris after WWII.)

Lucienne Boyer / #1 Parlez-moi D'Amour / Henry & June soundtrack / 1990 MCA

(A true chanteuse, Lucienne was born in 1903. This recording, made in 1930, became a classic.)

Josephine Baker / #18 J'ai Deux Amours / Henry & June soundtrack / MCA

(American expatriate entertainer and actress, who became a French citizen in 1937 at the age of 31, was the first African American to star in a major motion picture, and assisted the French Resistance during WWII. )

Edith Piaf / #23 L'Accordeoniste / Paris Cafe Music / Rough Guides

(The greatest of French female singers, Piaf remained close to the sound of musette all her short life.)

Les Primitifs Du Futur / #5 Portrait D'un 78 Tard / Paris Cafe Music / Rough Guide

Rupa & the April Fishes / #12 Maintenant / Acoustic France / Putumayo 2008

(Based in SF, their debut in 2008 evokes classic French chanson, Argentinean tango, Gypsy swing, American Folk, Latin cumbias, and even Indian ragas—this song says, when you fall in love, the moment is NOW!"

Romane / #11 Passion / Acoustic France / Putumayo

(One more from Romane, a devotee of Django Reinhardt. He was born in Paris, and began hanging out with Gypsy musicians in the flea markets in Paris when he was a teenager.)

(more possible French Nouvelle just in case we have extra time, which we won't!!)

Lo'jo / #1 Baji Larabat / Cuisine Non-Stop / Luaka Bop 2002

Louise Attaque / #3 Du Nord Au Sud / Cuisine Non-Stop / Luaka Bop

Arthur H / #4 Naive Derviche / Cuisine Non-Stop / Luaka Bop

Java / #5 Au Banquet Aux Chausseurs / Cuisine Non-Stop / Luaka Bop

Mickey 3D / #10 Good Bye Green Day / Cuisine Non-Stop / Luaka Bop

Ceux Qui Marchent Debout / # 12 Horses / Cuisine Non-Stop / Luaka Bop