Barbara Dane and Johnny Harper Live, Matthew Montfort Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 5, 2010
Hour 1: Barbara Dane & Johnny Harper Live

First Set

Barbara Dane, "Masters of War," Save the Children, 3:12 Women Strike for Peace

Barbara Dane, "Mighty Ramblin' Blues," Trouble in Mind, 2:50 San Francisco Records

  1. "How Long"
  2. "King Salmon Blues"
  3. "Girl of Constant Sorrow"
  4. "Work with What You've Got"
  5. "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize"

Special Feature

Faith Petric feature report 5:30

Faith Petric, "Bury Me in My Overalls," When Did We Have Sauerkraut? 3:13 (self-produced)

Ray Bierl, "The Dying Hobo," Any Place I Hang My Hat, 3:01 Greasy String Productions

Sylvia Herold, "Open the Door Softly," A Mockingbird Sings in California, 2:44 (self-produced)

Matthew Montfort, "I Met Her in the Medowe," Planet Passion, 4:12 Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 5, 2010
Hour 2: Matthew Montfort Live

  1. "Soul Serenade"
  2. "Celtic Raga"
  3. Mariah Parker, "First Flight," Sangria, 3:43 Records
  4. (improvisation)
  5. "Purple Raga"
  6. Matthew Montfort, "El Zaffa" (faded), Planet Passion, 4:26 Records