Earth Day 2010

The program for April 17, 2010, featured some songs for the upcoming Earth Day.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Maddy Prior Ravenchild Ravenchild (Park)
Incredible String Band Sleepers, Awake! Changing Horses (WEA)
New Set
Gay & Terry Woods Empty Rooms Lake Songs from the Red Waters (HUX)
Mary Black The Crow on the Cradle Without the Fanfare (Gifthorse)
Seán Tyrrell Game Over The Orchard (LongWalk Music)
Dick Gaughan Now Westlin Winds Handful of Earth (Topic)
Music Under Announcements
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, Will Clipman Winged Iridescence Dancing into Silence (Canyon)
Les Barker Bolero Some Love (Mrs Akroyd)
Pete Morton Songbird Mad World (Green Linnet)
Karine Polwart Sorrowlessfield This Earthly Spell (Proper)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Carla Sciaky Awakening Awakening (Green Linnet)
Kathleen Tracy Dance with Your Whole Heart Calling the Dragons Home (Kiraboo)
Joanne Rand Broken-Open Hearts Snake Oil & Hummingbirds (Hearthfire Productions)
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer Gentle Arms of Eden Drum Hat Buddha (Signature Sounds)
Carrie Newcomer Stones in the River Before & After (Rounder)
New Set
Richard Shindell Juggler Out in Traffic Not Far Now (Signature Sounds)
Bruce Cockburn The Embers of Eden Breakfast in New Orleans Dinner in Timbuktu (Ryko)
Eliza Gilkyson Beautiful World Beautiful World (Red House)
New Set
Cindy Kallet Roll to the River Working on Wings to Fly (Folk-Legacy)
Joanne Rand Prayer for the River Snake Oil & Hummingbirds (Hearthfire Productions)
Barely Lace 3/4 Blues Too Barely Lace (s/p)
Anke Summerhill Raven The Roots Run Deep (Sky & Earth Music)
New Set
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, Will Clipman Ancient Awakening (faded) Dancing into Silence (Canyon)