Susan McKeown and Lorin Sklamberg Live, Hadestown

The program for March 27, 2010, featured live music by Susan McKeown and Lorin Sklamberg, in advance of their appearance as part of the Jewish Music Festival. It was followed by highlights from the folk opera Hadestown by Anaïs Mitchell, and some kindred themes.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Susan McKeown & Lorin Sklamberg Heart's Blood (live)
  Oy, Mayn Baykhele Tut Mir Vey! (live)
  The Hag with the Money Saints & Tzadiks (World Village)
  Yula (live)
  Rattlin' Bog (live)
Susan McKeown The Bottom of the Well A Night in the Old Marketplace (Soundbrush)
The Klezmatics An Undoing World Possessed (Xenophile)
Ceilizemer Dem Trisker Rebns Khosid Shalom Ireland (Ceilizemer)
Cran The Stolen Bride Lover's Ghost (Black Rose)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Cosy Sheridan The Pomegranate Seed The Pomegranate Seed (Wind River)
Carol Noonan Lost Soul Carol Noonan (s/p)
June Tabor Mayn Rue Platz Aqaba (Topic)
New Set
Greg Brown & Anaïs Mitchell Hey, Little Songbird Hadestown (Righteous Babe)
Haris Alexiou To Tragoudi Tis Evridikis (Euridice's Song) Se Aprovlepta Tragoudia (In Unexpected Songs) (Minos)
New Set
Greg Brown Why We Build the Wall Hadestown (Righteous Babe)
Ani di Franco Our Lady of the Underground Hadestown (Righteous Babe)
New Set
Carrie Newcomer A Small Flashlight Before & After (Rounder)
The Levins Forgive the Dream My Friend Hafiz (s/p)
Gillie McPherson Dark Dream Our Street (Coop Breizh)
Greg Brown His Kiss, the Riot Hadestown (Righteous Babe)
Music Under Announcements
Kate Price Mystic Warrior The Isle of Dreaming (Omtown)
Shakila Ghogha-ye Setaregan Live in Concert (Caltex)