Post–St. Patrick’s 2010, Lal Waterson Tribute

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 20, 2010
Hour 1: Post St. Patrick's

First Set

Altan, "Eoghainin O'Ragadain," Another Sky, 3:43 Narada

Clannad, "Eirigh Suas A Stoirin," Dulaman, 5:08 Shanachie

De Dannan, "Call and Answer," A Jacket of Batteries, 3:37 Shanachie

Second Set

Scartaglen, "Last Night's Fun," Last Night's Fun, 3:20 City Spark Records

Solas, "The Newry Highwayman," Solas, 3:21 Shanachie

Lúnasa, "Morning Nightcap," The Merry Sisters of Fate, 4:55 Green Linnet

Midway Music

Relativity, "Blackwell Court / Highland Laddie / Gillies' Taxis / The Double Rise," Gathering Pace, 6:39 Green Linnet

Third Set

The Chieftains & Liam Neeson, "March to Battle," San Patricio, 4:11 Hear Music

David Kincaid, "Free and Green," The Irish Volunteer, 4:08 Ryko

The Chieftains, "The French March," The Year of the French, 4:47 Shanachie

Fourth Set

Paul Brady & Andy Irvine, "Mary and the Soldier," Andy Irvine Paul Brady, 4:45 Green Linnet

Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, "Frank Keane's," Welcome Home, 2:03 Compass

Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill, "A Mhraithrin Dhileas," No Dowry, 2:23 Gael Linn

Altan, "The Roseville," Altan: 25th Anniversary Celebration, 2:20 Compass

Andy Irvine, "My Heart's Tonight in Ireland," Rain on the Roof, 3:46 (self-produced)

Fifth Set

Paul Brady, "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore," Welcome Here Kind Stranger, 6:07 Mulligan Music

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 20, 2010
Hour 2: Lal Waterson Tribute

First Set

The Watersons, "Hal-An-Tow," Frost and Fire, 2:06 Topic

Lal Waterson & chorus, "Some Old Salty," Once in a Blue Moon, 2:47 Topic

Second Set

The Watersons, "Hilda's Cabinet Band," Hard Cash, 2:19 Green Linnet

Linda & Teddy Thompson, "Evona Dear," Fashionably Late, 3:16 Rounder

Jeb Loy Nichols, "Stumbling On," Migrating Bird, 2:48 Rough Trade

Third Set

Richard Thompson, "Red Wine and Promises," Shining Bright, 3:57 Topic

Eliza Carthy, "Child Among the Weeds," Shining Bright, 4:26 Topic

Marie Gilhooley & Oliver Knight, "A Sweet Lullaby," A Mighty River of Song, 5:18 Topic

Fourth Set

Lavinia Blackwall & Alex Neilson, "So Strange Is Man," Migrating Bird, 2:40 Rough Trade

Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight, "Flight of the Pelican," Once in a Blue Moon, 3:44 Topic

June Tabor & Maddy Prior, "Fine Horseman," No More to the Dance, 4:51 Shanachie

Fifth Set

June Tabor, "The Scarecrow," Abyssinians, 5:10 Green Linnet

Sabbath Folk, "Dazed," Migrating Bird, 4:19 Rough Trade

Closing Set

Lal Waterson & Marie Gilhooley, "Just A Note," A Bed of Roses, 1:48 Topic

Jo Freya, "Migrating Bird," Jo Freya's Lal Waterson Project, 4:16 No Masters Cooperative