Colm Ó Riain Live, Mary Gauthier Live

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 27, 2010
KALW Folk Festival

Part 1: Colm Ó Riain & his band

Colm Ó Riain, "The Bluest Line," Bridge Across the Blue, 4:09 (self-produced)

  1. Reel Set: "Julia Delaney's / Christmas Eve"
  2. "Hy Brassyl"
  3. "Pireeni's Familiar"
  4. "Stealthy Sinners"
  5. "Cubala / Tuva Reel / Easy Club #2"

Part 2: Mary Gauthier & Ed Romanoff

Mary Gauthier, "Christmas in Paradise," Filth and Fire, 4:51 Signature Sounds

  1. "Last of the Hobo Kings"
  2. "Sweet Words"
  3. "Between Daylight and Dark"
  4. "Mercy Now"
  5. "The Foundling"

Mary Gauthier, "Soft Place to Land," Between Daylight and Dark, Lost Highway

Part 3: Lily Storm & Dan Cantrell

Kitka, "Byla Cesta," Wintersongs, 3:14 (self-produced)

  1. "Byssan Lull" (Danish / Swedish lullaby)
  2. "Zöld az Erdö" (Hungarian)
  3. "Ipne Pou Pernis ta Pedhia" (Greek lullaby from Asia Minor)
  4. "Stis Elenis to Krevati" (Greek, from Epirus)

Wake the Dead, "Coleman's Cross / Bird Song," Wake the Dead, 6:28 Arista