Darker Songs

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 27, 2009
Hour 1: Dark The Night

First Set

Nic Jones, "The Singer's Request," From the Devil to a Stranger, 2:33 Highway Records

Kerfuffle, "Down by the Greenwood Side," To the Ground, 5:05 RootBeat Records

Richard Thompson, "Worldes Blis Ne Last," Tracks, 2:34 Cooking Vinyl

Second Set

Kate Rusby, "I Am Stretched on Your Grave," Hourglass, 2:58 Compass

Dougie MacLean, "Marching Mystery," Marching Mystery, 6:06 Dunkeld

Antje Duvekot, "Reasonland," The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer, 4:36 Black Wolf Records

Forastiere, "Complicated Night," Rag Tap Boom, 4:00

Midway Music

Ben Reynolds, "England," How Day Earnt Its Night, 2:58 Tompkins Square

Third Set

Phil Ochs, "The Confession," Farewells and Fantasies, 3:20 Rhino Records

Richard Shindell, "Fishing," Courier, 4:25 Shanachie

Billy Bragg, "O Freedom," Mr. Love and Justice, 4:04 Anti

Tracy Grammer, "Hey Ho," Flower of Avalon, 3:46 Signature Sounds

The Rhythm Angels, "If I Had a Gun," Girls Like Us, 2:50 High Horse Records

Fourth Set

Todd Snider, "Fortunate Son," Peace Queer, 2:42 Aimless Records

Carrie Rodriguez, "Infinite Night," She Ain't Me, 3:42 Blue Note/EMI

Blame Sally, "Severland," Severland, 6:33 (self-produced)

Denice Franke, "Cool Water," Gulf Coast Blue, 4:06 Certain Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for June 27, 2009
Hour 2: Dark Americana

First Set

Gob Iron (Jay Farrar & Anders Parker), "Death's Black Train," Death Songs for the Living, 3:46 Sony/Legacy

The Lovell Sisters, "In My Time of Dyin'," Time to Grow, 3:30 2DefPig Records

Shane Nicholson & Kasey Chambers, "Rattlin' Bones," Rattlin' Bones, 3:40 Sugar Hill Records

Diana Jones, "Cold Grey Ground," My Rememberance of You, 2:20 Newsong Recordings

Roseanne Cash, "House on the Lake," Black Cadillac, 3:30 Capitol Records

Second Set

Laura Love, "Saskatchewan," Ne Grass, 4:47 Octoroon Biography

Richard Shindell, "Darkness Darkness," Reunion Hill, 3:56 Shanachie

Sara Watkins, "Lord Won't You Help Me," Sara Watkins, 3:09 Nonesuch

A.J. Roach, "Grandaddy," Dogwood Winter, 3:32 (self-produced)

The Crooked Jades, "Lost in the Woods," Shining Darkness, 2:57 Jade Note Music

Steve Earle, "Lungs" (live) 2:22

Third Set

Jackson 5, "Never Can Say Goodbye," (retrospective, faded)