Potpourri for June 2009

The program for June 13, 2009, offered a broad mix of music.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Steve Tilston The Road When I Was Young Ziggurat (Hubris)
Arty McGlynn, Chris Newman, Noilag Casey, Máire Ní Chathasaigh Reminiscing Heartstring Sessions (Old Bridge Music)
Malinky The Drunken Duck Flower & Iron (Greentrax / Mad River)
New Set
Euphonia Let the Bullgine Run / The Peacock's Feather The Old Jawbone (s/p)
Notorious Lissa and Corey / Berkeley Reel Elkins (Black Socks)
Annbjørg Lien Masques Waltz with Me (Compass)
New Set
Sharon Isbin Fantasia: Once I Had a Sweetheart, Rambling Gambler, Barbara Allen Journey to a New World (Sony Classical)
Anne, Robbin, and Holly Nightfall A Thistledown Nest (Four Calling Birds)
Gráda Weight of the World The Landing Step (Compass)
New Set
June Tabor Au Logis de Mon Père Apples (Topic)
Genticorum La Grondeuse Opossum La Bibournoise (Mad River)
Tony McManus Reel de la Sauvagine The Maker's Mark (Compass)
New Set
Vagabond Opera Farewell Kabarista The Zeitgeist Beckons (s/p)
Mazzeltov with Rolinha Kross Dos Klejne Tsigajnerl Amsterdam (Frea)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Richard Shindell A Juggler Out in Traffic Not Far Now (Signature Sounds)
Karine Polwart Behind Our Eyes This Earthly Spell (Proper)
Richard Shindell Gethsemani Goodbye Not Far Now (Signature Sounds)
New Set
Lily Storm One Friday If I Had a Key to the Dawn: Love Songs and Laments from Eastern Europe (Songbat)
Diana Rowan The War & Peace Set: Otan Mou Eipen / Ma Na Vu Panta Rhei (Sirenharp.com)
Eliyahu & the Qadim Ensemble Dle Yaman, Msho Gegen Eastern Wind (s/p)
Lily Storm Gulo If I Had a Key to the Dawn (Songbat)
Music Under Announcements
Mariah Parker Waterwheel Sangría (Ancient-Future.com)
Carrie Newcomer There Is a Tree The Geography of Light (Philo)
Bruce Cockburn Child of the Wind, The End of All Rivers (faded) Slice o Life: Live Solo (Rounder)