Mother Earth, Ancient Mother

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 7, 2009
Hour 1: Mother Earth

First Set

Trapezoid, "Nightsong," Cool of the Day, 3:00 Sugar Hill

Julie Fowlis, "Hùg Air a' Bhonaid Mhòir ," Cuilidh, 2:30 Spit & Polish

Sharon Shannon, "Never Goin' Back," The Sharon Shannon Collection, 3:05 Compass

Second Set

Solas, "On a Sea of Fleur de Lis," Waiting for an Echo, 5:35 Shanachie

Wendy Waldman, "My Time in the Desert," My Time in the Desert, 5:00 Longhouse Records

Third Set

Mary Black, "Bless the Road," Speaking with the Angel, 3:43 Dara Records

Zoe Mulford, "Our Lady of the Highways," Roadside Saints, 4:42 Azalea City Recordings

Mary McCaslin, "Northfield," Things We Said Today, 3:00 Philo/Rounder

Midway Music

Margie Adam, "Naked Keys, From the Beginning," Naked Keys, 6:55 Pleiades

Fourth Set

Arcady, "The River," After the Ball, 4:31 Shanachie

The Smith Sisters, "The Moon and the River," Roadrunner, 4:38 Flying Fish

Woody Simmons, "Feather in the Wind," Oregon Mountains, 4:15 Deep River Recordings

Sally Oldfield, "Child of Allah," Water Bearer, 3:09 Bronze Records/EMI

Victoria Williams, "Sunshine Country," Loose, 3:45 Mammoth Records/Atlantic

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for March 7, 2009
Hour 2: Ancient Mother

First Set

Susan McKeown, "Ancient Mother," Mother, 3:49 North Star Records

Talitha MacKenzie, "Anicuani" and "Willow," Indian Summer, 5:45 Sonas Multimedia

Ulali, "Mahk Jchi," Global Divas: Voices from Women of the World, 4:17 Rhino Records

Robert Rich, "Drumsong," Rainforest, 4:41 Hearts of Space

Second Set

Clannad, "Newgrange," A Magical Gathering, 4:00 Rhino Records

Loreena McKennitt, "Mummer's Dance," The Book of Secrets, 6:07 Quinlan Road/Warner Bros.

Adiemus, "Adiemus," Adiemus, Songs of Sanctuary, 3:48 Caroline Records

Sally Oldfield, "Songs of the Bow," Water Bearer, 3:36 Bronze Records/EMI

Dead Can Dance, "Bird," A Passage in Time, 5:00 Rykodisc

Third Set

Maddy Prior & The Girls, "Rain," Bib and Tuck, 4:15 Park Records

Cris Williamson, "Song of the Soul," The Changer and the Changed, 4:28 Olivia

Heidi Berry, "The Moon and the Sun," ***, 4:34 4AD


Adrienne Young, "All for Good," Room to Grow, 4:08 Addie Belle Music