Beatbeat Whisper Live, Early 2009

The program for February 28, 2009, featured a live performance by Ayla Nereo, joined by her brother Davyd Nereo, who together form the duo Beatbeat Whisper.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Ayla Nereo Lily Moon (live)
  Mama (live)
  Fools's Gift Floating Felt (s/p)
Beatbeat Whisper Little Window (live)
  Tennessee (live)
  And Suddenly Apart Was Shared Wonder Continental (s/p)
  Three Long Afternoons (live)
  Live Up the Long Tracks (live)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Ayla Nereo Seven Arrows Floating Felt (s/p)
Lou Rhodes Each Moment New Beloved One (Cooking Vinyl)
Beirut Mount Wroclai Gulag Orkester (Ba Da Bing!)
Vagabond Opera Avre Tu Puerta Cerrada Get on the Train (s/p)
Rupa & the April Fishes La Peinture, Yaad Extraordinary Rendition (Cumbancha)
Music Under Announcements
Lucia Comnes Castletown Medley On the Way (Small Treasures Studio)
Willow Willow Breezes Willow Willow (Mod Lang)
Martha Tilston Brighton Song Bimbling (Squiggly)
Mia Doi Todd Tongue-Tied Manzanita (s/p)
Children of the Revolution Ragizei Apopse It's All Greek to Me (World Music 2000)
New Set
A.J. Roach Fashionistas Revelation (Waterbug)
Anaïs Mitchell Santa Fe Dream The Brightness (Righteous Babe)
Mia Doi Todd Luna Lune Manzanita (s/p)
Peppino D'Agostino & Stef Burns Echo Lake (faded) Bayshore Road (Favored Nations)