Birds, John Martyn

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 21, 2009
Hour 1: Birds

First Set

Maddy Prior, "Bold Poachers," Ravenchild, 4:14 Park Records

Bert Jansch, "Twa Corbies," Moonshine, 2:58 Jansch Records

Richard Thompson & Eliza Carthy, "The Coo Coo Bird," The Harry Smith Project, 4:16 Shout Factory

Second Set

Maddy Prior, "In the Company of Ravens," Ravenchild, 3:00 Park Records

John Gorka, "Raven in the Storm," Land of the Bottom Line, 3:14 Windham Hill

Kris Delmhorst, "Cluck Old Hen," Five Stories, 3:17 Signature Sounds

Midway Music

Altan, "Jimmy Lyon's / The Teelin / The Red Crow / The Broken Bridge," The Red Crow, 4:35 Green Linnet

Third Set

Malinky, "Follow the Heron," 3 Ravens, 3:34 Greentrax

Tim O'Brien, "The Blackest Crow," Songs from the Mountain, 3:18 Howdy Skies Records

Critton Hollow String Band, "April Waltz," Great Dreams, 2:16 Flying Fish

Tim O'Brien, "Norwegian Wood," Two Journeys, 4:06 Howdy Skies Records

Misty River, "Turtle Dove," Stories, 4:56 (self-produced)

Fourth Set

Gillian Welch, "Winter's Come and Gone," Hell Among the Yearlings, 2:14 Almo

Terri Hendrix, "Eagles," Places in Between, 3:05 (self-produced)

Linda Waterfall, "Flying Time," Flying Time, 4:38 (self-produced)

Fifth Set

The Duhks, "Turtle Dove," Migrations, 3:00 Sugar Hill

The Sons of the Never Wrong, "I'll Fly Away," Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook, vol. Four, 5:51 Bloodshot Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for February 21, 2009
Hour 2: John Martyn

First Set

John & Beverly Martyn, "Go Out and Get It," Stormbringer, 3:04 Island

John & Beverly Martyn, "Primrose Hill," Road to Ruin, 2:53 Island

John Martyn, "Go Easy," Bless the Weather, 4:14 Island

Second Set

John Martyn, "Sing a Song of Summer," The Tumbler, 2:15 Island

Donovan, "Summer Day Reflection Song," Like It Is, 2:11 Hickory Records

Al Stewart, "Clifton in the Rain," Bedsitter Images, 2:37 Janus Records

John Martyn, "Singin' in the Rain," Bless the Weather, 1:28 Island

John Martyn, "A Day at the Sea," The Tumbler, 2:22 Island

Third Set

John Martyn, "Back Down to the River," Bless the Weather, 2:37 Island

John Martyn, "Sandy Grey," London Conversation, 2:20 Island

Bert Jansch, "Running from Home," Bert Jansch, 2:22 Transatlantic

John Martyn, "May You Never," Solid Air, 3:40 Island

John Martyn, "Eibhli Ghail Chiuin," Inside / Out, 3:05 Island

Fourth Set

John Martyn, "I Don't Want to Know," Solid Air, 2:58 Island

John Martyn, "Head and Heart," Bless the Weather, 4:52 Island


John Martyn, "Solid Air," Solid Air, 5:43 Island