New Year’s 2009

The program for January 3, 2009, offered some sprightly music for the new year.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Steve Tilston Rocky Road Solorubato (Fellside)
Cathie Ryan Carrick-a-Rede Somewhere Along the Road (Shanachie)
Dervish The Master's Return Travelling Show (Whirled Discs)
New Set
Catriona McKay & Chris Stout Laebrack Laebrack (Greentrax)
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas St Kilda Wedding / Brose & Butter Fire & Grace (Culburnie)
The Poozies Paddy Changed Days, Same Roots (Greentrax)
Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman Pé in Éirinn í (Whoe'er She Be) Firewire (Old Bridge Music)
Music Under Announcements
Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder Jig Jag Zephyr in the Confetti Factory (s/p)
Four Shillings Short Back in Durham Jail Attitude and Gratitude (s/p)
Battlefield Band Och' Is Duine Truagh Mi (Oh I Am A Forlorn Man) / Tha Fionnlaigh Ag Innearach (Finlay Spreading Manure) / An Gille Dubh' Mo Laochan (The Dark Boy My Darling) Dookin' (Temple)
Notorious Lissa and Corey / Berkeley Reel Elkins (Black Socks Press)
New Set
Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder Paddy, Jenny, and the Boys Zephyr in the Confetti Factory (s/p)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
The Imagined Village (The Gloworms, Tiger Moth) Kit Whites I & II, Sloe on the Uptake The Imagined Village (Topic)
New Set
The McDades Dance of the Seven Veils Bloom (s/p)
Asim Sarvan Ajde Jano Ajde Jano, Kuću Da ne Damo (s/p)
Lucia Comnes Çayeli On the Way (Small Treasures Studios)
Eden MacAdam-Somer & Larry Unger The Waterfall / The Icy Cold Finger of Death Notorious (Black Socks Press)
Brenna MacCrimmon Dolama Dolamayı Kulak Misafiri: Events in Small Chambers (Green Goat Music)
New Set
Still on the Hill Take Me to the Other Side Ozark (s/p)
Notorious Henry Reed's Breakdown Elkins (Black Socks Press)
Carrie Newcomer When One Door Closes Betty's Diner: The Best of... (Philo)
New Set
Pete Morton Drink to Me Only Hunting the Heart (Harbourtown)
Susan McKeown and Lindsey Horner Auld Lang Syne Through the Bitter Frost and Snow (Prime)
Sue Richards Auld Lang Syne, Two Harris Dances / Banks of Spey (faded) Grey-Eyed Morn (Maggie's Music)