More New Releases for Fall 2008

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 27, 2008
Hour 1: New Releases

First Set

Joan Baez, "God Is God," Day After Tomorrow, 3:28 Razor & Tie

Archie Fisher, "Bonnie Border Lass," Windward Away, 3:28 Redhouse Records

Solas, "There Is a Time," For Love and Laughter, 3:24 Compass Records

Solas, "John Riordan's Heels / Hoban's White House / The Lisnagun Jig," For Love and Laughter, 4:18 Compass Records

Second Set

Archie Fisher, "Silver Coin," Windward Away, 2:44 Redhouse Records

Solas, "Merry-Go-Round," For Love and Laughter, 4:34 Compass Records

Joan Baez, "I Am a Wanderer," Day After Tomorrow, 2:29 Razor & Tie

Third Set

Joan Baez, "Henry Russell's Last Words," Day After Tomorrow, 3:36 Razor & Tie

Archie Fisher, "Ashfield's and Brine," Windward Away, 2:24 Redhouse Records

Solas, "Eoin Bear's Reel / Tune for Sharon / The Rossa Reel," For Love and Laughter, 3:58 Compass Records

Folk Music & Beyond Playlist for September 27, 2008
Hour 2: New Releases

First Set

Stan Rogers, "Witch of the Westmoreland," Between the Breaks, 5:16 Fogarty's Cove

Archie Fisher, "Final Trawl," Windward Away, 3:29 Redhouse Records

Joan Baez, "The Scarlet Tide," Day After Tomorrow, 2:24 Razor & Tie

Solas, "Sailor Song," For Love and Laughter, 4:08 Compass Records

Second Set

Archie Fisher, "Ride Through the Rainbow," Windward Away, 3:38 Redhouse Records

Solas, "The Gallant Hussar," For Love and Laughter, 4:36 Compass Records

Joan Baez, "Requiem," Day After Tomorrow, 3:54 Razor & Tie

Third Set

Archie Fisher, "Every Man's Heart," Windward Away, 3:39 Redhouse Records

Archie Fisher, "Joy of My Heart," Windward Away, 3:00 Redhouse Records

Fourth Set

Joan Baez, "Jericho Road," Day After Tomorrow, 3:29 Razor & Tie

Solas, "Vital Mental Medicine / The Pullet," For Love and Laughter, 3:37 Compass Records