The Great Night of Soul Poetry 2008

The program for August 23, 2008, featured performers from the Great Night of Soul Poetry, plus more soul poetry. On hand were Dan Zola, reciters Larry Lionel Young Jr. and Chetana Karel, and oud/bass player Doug Palmer.

First hour:

Reciter Poem (Poet) Occasion
Chetana Karel The Race (Sharon Olds) live
Larry Lionel Young Jr. Contribution to Statistics (Wisława Szymborska) live
Carolyn Zola Catnip (Jon Carroll) past performance
Dan Zola Start (Charles Simic) live
Chetana Karel Scavengers (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) live
Larry Lionel Young Jr. Happiness (Mary Oliver) live
Richard Spencer Wandering Aengus (W.B. Yeats) past performance
Chetana Karel Moon Rise (D.H. Lawrence) live
Larry Lionel Young Jr. Hay for the Horses (Gary Snyder) live

Second hour:

Artist Song Title (Poet) Album (Label)
Kirsten Falke God Only Knows (Rumi) The Breeze at Dawn (Mahatti)
Kelly Mulhollan The Little Girl Lost, the Little Girl Found (William Blake) Never Ending Conversation (s/p)
Jay Ansill (Richard Shindell) A Lover Since Childhood (Robert Graves) A Lost World (BCN)
Holly Tannen The Drunken Boat (Arthur Rimbaud) Crazy Laughter (GLR)
New Set
Oliver Rajamani Llorar (Federico García Lorca) Bridge Across the Blue (Word & Violin)
Jami Sieber & Kim Rosen Only Breath (Rumi) Only Breath (s/p)
Music Under Announcements
Chris Stout First o' the Darkenin' First o' the Darkenin' (Greentrax)
Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat Doosh Doosh (Ali Akbar Sheyda) Songs from a Persian Garden (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)
Axiom of Choice Parting Ways with the Soul (Omar Khayyam) Unfolding (Narada World)
Nyofu Waterwheel (Yunus Emre) Timeless Songs (Three World Music)
New Set
Erkan Oğur Ağırlama (faded) Fretless (Feuer & Eis)