Joan Baez and Tim O’Brien

On July 19, 2008, we listened to the powerful new releases by Joan Baez and Tim O'Brien...and some of their older gems as well. Sandy Miranda hosted.

First Hour:

Focus on Joan Baez

"Donna Donna," Joan Baez, Vol. 1, Vanguard 1962

"Manha de Carnaval," "Te Adore," Joan Baez in Concert, Vol. 2, Vanguard 1963

"Elvis Presley Blues," Dark Chords on a Big Guitar, Koch 2003

"God Is God," Day After Tomorrow, Razor & Tie (to be released 9/9/08)

"Rose of Sharon"

"Scarlet Tide"

"Day After Tomorrow"

"Henry Russell's Last Words"

"I Am a Wanderer"


"The Lower Road"

"Jericho Road"

Second Hour:

Focus on Tim O'Brien

"Fell in Love (and I Can't Get Out)," Odd Man In, Sugar Hill

"SeƱor," Red on Blonde, Sugar Hill

"Lost Little Children," The Crossing, Alula

"Wicked Messenger," Red on Blonde, Sugar Hill

"Talkin' Cavin," The Crossing, Sugar Hill

"Holy Well," Two Journeys, Sugar Hill

"Let's Go Huntin'," Cornbread Nation, Howdy Skies

"Me & Dirk's Trip to Ireland," Two Journeys, Sugar Hill

"Newgrange," New Grange: A Christmas Heritage, Compass

"Where's Love Come From," Chameleon, Howdy Skies

"Phantom Phone Call"


"Father Forgive Me"

"The Only Way to Never Hurt"

"Get Out There and Dance"