Chaskinakuy Live

The program for May 10, 2008, featured live Andean music by the duo Chaskinakuy.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Chaskinakuy No Llores A Flor de Tierra (s/p)
  Guitarrita (live)
  Tres Bailecitos (live)
  La Niñita (live)
  T'ika Azucena A Flor de Tierra (s/p)
  Cuculí (live)
  Sahuaringui (live)
Daniel Zamalloa Jilguerito Llaqtaypa Violincha: Folk Violin from Peru (s/p)
Chaskinakuy Huaycheñita (live)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Chaskinakuy Dulzainas A Flor de Tierra (s/p)
Claudia Gómez Balafón Salamandra (Clarity)
Consuelo Luz Arvoles Lloran Adio (Apricot)
Janet & Jak Esim Tres Ermanikas Eran Mira (Global Muzik)
New Set
Kate Rusby High on a Hill Awkward Annie (Pure)
Carrie Newcomer The Gathering of Spirits Betty's Diner: The Best of... (Philo)
New Set
Eliza Gilkyson Wildwood Spring Beautiful World (Red House)
Anaïs Mitchell Two Kids Hymns for the Exiled (Waterbug)
Eliza Gilkyson Great Correction Beautiful World (Red House)
Kate Rusby Daughter of Heaven Awkward Annie (Pure)
Meg Hutchinson Seeing Stars Come Up Full (Red House)
Music Under Announcements
Ciro Hurtado Amanda Tales from Home (ROM)
Ciro Hurtado Ayahuasca In My Mind (ROM)