Kaladrios Live

The program for March 22, 2008, featured Greek music by the local band Kaladrios (some lead vocals by Lily Storm), followed by some songs with an Easter theme.

First hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Kaladrios Mana Mou ta Louloudia Mou (live)
  Thalassaki Mou / Ti Thalassa ti Galani (live)
  Itia (live)
  Ta Komena ta Malia Sou (live)
  Issios / Sousta (live)
  Sagapo (live)
  Do Marr Çiften (live)

Second hour:

Artist Song Title Album (Label)
Haris Alexiou Las Uvas (Ta Stafilakia) Guinda y Naranja Amarga (Vyssino kai Nerantzi) (Resistencia)
Amán Amán Los Guisados de la Berenjena Música i Cants Sefardís d'Orient i Occident (Galileo)
Aldoush & the Human Exchange No-Rooz The Child Within (XDOT25)
New Set
Carrie Newcomer Lazarus The Geography of Light (Philo)
Richard Shindell The Ballad of Mary Magdalene Blue Divide (Shanachie)
Neal & Leandra Roll Away the Stone Stranger to My Kin (Red House)
Music Under Announcements
Bruce Cockburn The End of All Rivers Speechless (Rounder)
Jim & Jean Crucifixion Changes / People World (Collector's Choice)
New Set
Lou Rhodes Greatness in a Speck of Dust Bloom (s/p)
Neal & Leandra Resurrect Our Love Bridge Rail (Uncle Gus Music)
Carrie Newcomer The Clean Edge of Change The Geography of Light (Philo)
New Set
Bruce Cockburn Water into Wine (faded) Speechless (Rounder)